China supporting the US!

China supporting the US!

The Chinese are known to be one of the fastest growing communities in terms of the population and the economy. From being a communist country that was

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SIIB BlogThe Chinese are known to be one of the fastest growing communities in terms of the population and the economy. From being a communist country that was hated by many to becoming the preferred business center of present day, China has come a long way. The country is among’st the few that uses its resources smartly to build as much as it can. There was a time when China needed funds to survive. But as a result of their well executed policies the Chinese are today in a strong position. In fact, their business modules are being replicated in several other weaker countries. Currently, the Chinese are making investments in several geographies in order to further motivate their economical growth. These investments by the Chinese are also emerging as the lifeline for several economies including the United States

Yes! The Americans see a lot of Chinese investments on a daily basis. These investments cover everything from small scale developments to major business acquisitions. Recent reports are clearly indicating the increase reliance of Americans on the Chinese for the smooth operations of their economies. The Chinese are strategically acquiring all the major energy and resource companies. This move is seen by analysts as a fool proof way of developing a greater say in matters of economic concern in America. If one sits to weigh the pros and cons and look at the other side of the story, there are also American investments in China. But these investments are not much to talk about. Most of the American investments in China are restricted to theaters and dont involve anything major.

This scenario is quite an eye opener considering the commonly held misconception of America being economically one of the strongest countries.


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    Abhinav Shukla 9 years

    How will these actions will benefit other Asian Country?

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    Abhay Sinha 9 years

    China growth rate has always been a cause of debate among the experts across the globe. After all, if the Chinese gain more importance, there are chances that they will sabotage the opportunities for other Asian countries.

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    Dilip Shinde 9 years

    This is a very important development.The two most powerful countries of the world are on one hand have differences over the control of China on Renminbi and on other hand have strong trade relations.This is globalisation for you where no one can afford to have enmity with anyone,the only way forward is negotiation.Over the years it will be interesting how these two carry along as its capitalism vs communism.Clash of ideologies!

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      Clash of Ideologies would be a unfit term for the trade relations they have. I think it’s more of a complementary nature where they both are working to make each other another half of what we called a Two-Empire World. China while invests in the Public limited companies throughout the world, meanwhile, It also takes care of the fact that no one imitates its growth model on a scale it is working on. China really deserves an applause for its over the smart decisions and its commitment for its nation. India can really learn a lot from this just a little more populous country.!