Stepping up to MBA

Stepping up to MBA

MBA is one of the most sought-after courses for post-graduation. Whether it is out of pure taste for management, or engineers following the rest of th

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MBA is one of the most sought-after courses for post-graduation. Whether it is out of pure taste for management, or engineers following the rest of the herd, or simply for a jump in pay, MBA aspirants are plenty across the world.

While MBA is considered to be a roadway to a life of opportunities, exposure, and a good pay, stepping up to MBA is a milestone in itself. The question is – can you survive an MBA? It may take you a good two weeks to get accustomed to no less than thirteen subjects. Right from day 1, pressure is taught to be an inevitable element. Deadlines come running at you, sometimes from multiple sides. Emphasis is continually given to what can one learn and unlearn post-classes. While some of the subjects itself are overwhelming to non-commerce students, one is asked to read and read more – be it the Economic Times or equity rates, be it about Management books or simply for really knowing your specialization. So how does one step up to the expectations of this course?

First, take things one at a time. Listen to everyone talk about everything but decide what and when can be done yourself. Because all we have is 24 hours and “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Next, whether we like it or not, one needs to learn how to work their hands around PowerPoint Presentation. This is an essential MBA skill and the sooner one accepts this the better. Third, one will face confusion with respect to choosing specialization and while one tries to eliminate, there are also souls like myself who have added more to get confused from. There are no defined steps to figure this one out – whatever your intuition tells you (backed by interest and capability), go for it. The college committee(s) interviews might have been overwhelming but those who have sat for it, know how it helped them learn about themselves. The work, communication and practical hands-on is a big plus. While each week seems tougher than the one that just went by, procrastinating won’t help as we don’t know what else is yet to come. Hence, time management is key. Team-work, networking and negotiating come hand in hand and that can, in the long run, be an easier way of learning and getting work done. The first semester is apparently the least challenging so while you can, take up hands on projects and certifications. Some amount of practising to portray the integrated and talented you in the least amount of time day-by-day will bring out the best version when the time comes. It is also not such a bad thing to stand out in the crowd, even if it is to sit in the front at the auditorium – someone’s always watching. Self-learning is the best learning. While we are preparing for what’s to come post these two years, we need to always remember that every day in itself is a test to pass, a space to apply our skills and lessons. In such a scenario, it is only you who can help yourself.

While all of this might seem too much to do in too little time, remember this – so many have done this before you, so many are doing it alongside you, and many more will do it after you. Getting through an MBA is a personality boost in ways you don’t realize but will be thankful for later.