It is rightly said if you want to enjoy any outing, it’s better to start enjoying every aspect of it, and trust me when I say while writing

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It is rightly said if you want to enjoy any outing, it’s better to start enjoying every aspect of it, and trust me when I say while writing this I am in pain but this pain is nowhere closer to the fun I enjoyed during the outbound program.

Like any other student I was enthusiastic about the SIIB outbound program, but never thought it was going to be one of the best experience of my life. Let me tell you my side of the story because everyone sees life from their own point of view and now, I think I should start before you start drowsing in front of the screen.

Let’s start with the difficult part of the entire outbound program, that is to be getting up at 6:00 AM for getting ready to catch the bus, which was scheduled to be at 7:00 AM. Like any other hostel around the globe the best way to get up is to assign that duty to somebody else and we are no different in that aspect. We assigned that duty to our friend and slept peacefully. In morning everyone is running here or there just to get ready and reach the spot, now I think we should censor some of the details and go directly to the part where we reach to bus stop and it is already understood that a photo shoot is mandatory.


photoshoot :p

When the bus came we were greeted by Col Sameer Kulkarni and we boarded the bus with a lot of enthusiasm, then a memorable bus ride started with chants of ‘Ganpati Bapa Moriya’ and ‘Muskil waqt commando sakth’. We introduce ourselves to col Kulkarni and he shared some of the stories of him with us. A game of antakshri, some dance moves and lots of happy voices.

We reached Mohili Meadows, Karjat a place rich of natural beauties, mountains and a lovely rainy weather and then started a day full of activities, fun tasks and games.

There were a lot of tasks, some of them were blind train, caterpillar walk, chilly billy, gutter ball, hulla hoop, magic carpet, spider web, water relay and zip line.

All these activities were planned to build the team spirit and a sense of togetherness between students of SIIB. In my opinion these activities served their purpose.

For me the greatest fear of life is the fear of height and when I was getting ready for the zip line, I was thinking about ‘WHAT IF’ but when I completed that activity, i felt a sense of relief and pride. The feeling of overcoming a fear is the best feeling anyone can ever get and I am still thankful to some of my group mates that they didn’t let me back out from that activity.

After a day, full of task and activities it was time for some DJ, delicious food and rain. The best combination for relaxing.

Next day trekking was schedule at 06:00 AM and everyone gathered for the same and we started. A place full of ups and downs, narrow roads with thorny bushes. Everyone walked with determination and spirited heart for the sake of adventure and when we reached to waterfall, all our weariness worn out by the natural beauty of waterfall and the view from the mountain.

After coming back, last activity of the outbound program ‘treasure hunt’ was played. In this activity, everyone performed some funny acts and lots & lots of running from one place to another. It was fun to see people performing the scenes of old Bollywood blockbusters like SHOLAY and DDLJ.

In debriefing session, Col Kulkarni shared a video with us containing all of our photos which contain some precious memories and we all thanked him for this incredible experience.

It is rightly said,” Everything in life comes to an end, but the memories last forever”. We will cherish those memories and new friends which we made during our outbound program.



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