A life changing journey

A life changing journey

MBA Destiny has it’s own way of showing benevolence. It is through the fissures and crevices of life that we ultimately come to know where we belong

A Bittersweet Tale of Price Control and Myopic Decision-Making
Life At SIIB
My Journey to SIIB


Destiny has it’s own way of showing benevolence. It is through the fissures and crevices of life that we ultimately come to know where we belong and what is our Destiny. Being an ardent believer of destiny I knew it has something great in store for me. The excruciating test of patience that was taken after I was sent my offer letter that I have been selected for the Agri Business Programme at SIIB and the journey started even before joining SIIB. Leaving a place is never easy. Staying away from home for the first time gave me jitters. I arrived at SIIB on the 30th May and since then Life has been completely different from what it used to be. The very first day we had the ‘Cake cutting ceremony ’for the junior batch which is a legacy of SIIB.SIIB gradually has become a playground of emotions opinion and perception for me. There was a day in the very first week when we had the first day of the orientation programme and everything seemed to be sepulchral. But stepping back was a luxury I couldn’t afford. A kind of life which conditions one’s mind to think of the air conditioned prisons which I would euphemistically refer to  as ‘the auditorium’. I was completely homesick. Gradually I started accepting everything made real good friends who could empathise with me. The regular lectures started .I am not a morning person but my Room mate( being the kind soul that she is) wakes me up at time and I could atleast afford having my breakfast before the lecture. I have seen myself changing in the four months, yearning for doing more and more ,getting out of my comfort zone and the unbridled freedom is something that makes me differentiate the good from the bad. Lectures started. Study groups were formed. We were given an assignment to prepare a Presentation. The robot in me resuscitated. The continuous brainstorming session for 5 long hours in the evening ,having dinner in between ,pitying our own selves and taking breaks and ultimately completing the presentation with a pat on our backs by Nisha Bharti Ma’am was something I am going to cherish. The drowsiness in the long lectures slathered everyday. SIIB is a place where I always wanted to be in. The aura is altogether different and the present place where I am transfixed with all my peers and seniors is a great experience now. I see students sauntering everyday with great dreams and aspirations. The measured footsteps of the students aspiring to be be better with each passing day There is something to learn from each one of them and the two years  is definitely going to be the best years of  my life. A luxury which is worth persevering and buying.


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