A Quest to Surya Shibir

With mixture of feelings, excitement to make new friends, all bucked up for activities and what not, we packed our bags and headed out for outbound pr

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With mixture of feelings, excitement to make new friends, all bucked up for activities and what not, we packed our bags and headed out for outbound programme at 7 in the morning on 9th of June. Enjoying pleasant weather and playing antakshari in bus, we reached at our final destination – Surya Shibir Resort.

It was a very peaceful place with lots of greenery and having ample space to conduct any kind of physical activities. The best thing was there was one retired army commando standing at the gate who received us all and did the handshake with each and every one of us and welcomed us. We got allotted our rooms. Well yes, girls got lucky here as they got proper rooms but boys had to manage with dormitories. Anyway, we got to stay in our rooms for very less period of time so it does not matter much who is going to stay where.

We got divided into eight teams and out of these four teams had to go for trek, around 8 km, and other four were supposed to be part of physical activities and games and next day , i.e. on 10th , vice versa order has to be followed.

My team participated in physical games on first day. Best thing was that these games carried a very significant message and lessons with them on how to do well in corporate world. Some of these games were really interesting and new like Cater Pillar, A frame, Chariot race, Sheep and Shepherd. These games brought an innovative, problem solving side of ours very well. We competed in teams and got the chance to hone our team building skills.

And yes, for a foodie like me it goes without saying that I was looking to food eagerly. But guess what?? Food was so amazing……Hot Idlis, boondi raita, Custard, Naan…and so many things and served with so much love that I really felt like home there.

In the evening we got the chance to prepare an act for Chill-Out session. Each team performed very much enthusiastically and showcased there priceless Talents. As a Punjabi, I just love Bhangra, so I just grabbed this opportunity to perform some bhangra moves. Well, We got ONCE MORE on our performance and yes, it was an awesome feeling.

After a tiring day with fun filled activities we slept and woke up around 5 in the morning for the trek. I was very much afraid of this part but my buddies motivated me very well to give it a shot. And guess what???? It turned out to be the one of my best life time experiences. It was raining, wind was blowing and scenic Beauty was mesmerising. We did not want the time to go but as we cannot just stop the time but can hold on to memories by capturing it we took a few clicks with some breath-taking views and helped each other throughout the trek. I made some good friends there to whom otherwise I won’t be able to meet if it was not for outbound!!

So we returned to our resort and had sumptuous food and again headed for some activities. All in all we bid adieu to the resort around 6 in the evening . Although on our return journey, we had to face immense traffic but we were happy as we were getting the chance to be with our new friends for more time. This is how we returned to our hostel rooms with basket full of memories and happy moments and yes definitely! Management lessons!