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With every passé generation, there are those who have seen things differently, those who see the world as it is not how it ought to be. Steve jobs ref

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With every passé generation, there are those who have seen things differently, those who see the world as it is not how it ought to be. Steve jobs referred of to them as the misfits and the rebels. The world is such a dynamic place always undergoing a metamorphosis of change in one dimension or another. Such great changes that have occurred are always induced and initiated by the current individuals at that time.

A Turn of the palm.

Carnival of rebels-Veni Vidi Mutati the Rebels who came, saw and changed. Have they always been among us? Take the example of Mrs Rosa parks who refused to vacate a bus seat for a white man during the days racial segregation in United States of America, she single headedly began a revolution that lead to the betterment of humanity race at large a change that would not have been anticipated.

Even today, in the twenty first century such individuals do exist among us. The spurting up of the business start-up culture, both small scale and medium enterprises whether to provide goods, services or increase efficiency among the society is a normal commonality. Commerce as we know has the impact of unification to masses and its effect is manifold. In these times where affliction is a way of life, mass murders and terrorism are no longer astonishing: thus the revitalisation of trade both for supply of necessities and solidarity of the society is very crucial for survival.
Organisations or institutions that have evolved in there dynamism require not only an acknowledgement but also praise, Penning such an institution one dear to my heart, The Symbiosis International University through its visionary leader Dr. S.B Mujumdar whose personality is of compassion and empathy . Transformation of the university with the changing times is like the rejuvenation of the river Nile that no matter how long it has lived or how many generations have passed the rejuvenation effect always makes it young again. Innovations can take any form they do not necessarily have to be contemporary.
Most of the individuals who see and change crucial factors in day to day life have pro-active personalities. They identify opportunities, show initiative and take action they do not end at that point but persevere until a meaningful positive change occur. In doing so they believe that though they will not solve all problems but eventually a meaningful solution will be achieved. Such are the characters that the present day entrepreneur have adapted to cope up with modern issues. Change is inevitable is an age old adage we are used to but such a change comes due to necessity of the current scenario. I believe that change should induced whether required at that particular moment or not. We should not wait for adversity to strike before realising the enemy within.

Grateful we are to such individuals that make us see things through the third eye, they alter our mode of thinking and perception for the better.


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