An Experience to remember !!

An Experience to remember !!

When I first heard about the induction consisting of an ‘Outbound’ session for us, I was very excited. Like all first years that have been just ushere

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When I first heard about the induction consisting of an ‘Outbound’ session for us, I was very excited. Like all first years that have been just ushered into the world of SIIB, the outbound session seemed like the first of many trips to come. I packed my bags the night before with all the necessary things and waited.

We reached “Surya Shibir” by 10 am the next day and were greeted by some senior members of the team who were going to guide us through our two days stay. They told us how and what to expect; to get a little dirty, to make many new friends, to be able to do something that I haven’t done before. It felt like this trip was going to be more amazing than what I had imagined. The first thing that they did was to divide us into different groups and to my disappointment I was put into a group where I didn’t know anyone, the trip was beginning to look ‘not’ fun anymore! How would I be able to have fun for two days without my friends? How would I be able to enjoy at all? But what happened next, really taught me that we need to meet new people, to be able to understand new things, it is ok not to be a leader sometimes but a helping member of the team is as important. During the course of two days, I made new friends, discovered some really amazing people, learned how important was it to work as a team, know my limitations and my strengths, to be able to use my ears rather than my eyes.

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Into the Wild !!

The trek on the first day and the games on the second day educated me with more management skills than what I had learned in the classroom for two weeks. The “cobweb” game taught me my limitations and strengths, “sheep shepherd” game tested my listening skills and the “escape plank” taught me how necessary it is to have only one leader in the team. Apart from the games and trekking we were asked to perform something on the first evening. As we did not know each other in the group it was difficult and we thought it was going to be a big blunder. We decided to perform a skit and we did!! And you know what; it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip. It was incredible; the teams managing us were patience and made us realize that the real leaning is not in the classroom but out in the real world. I take away some astounding memories, outbound program not only broke the ice but it broke my perception about what MBA and SIIB is. It was great to go through it and hope we get more chances like that.