An out of the bounds amazing programme

"When you are together in a predicament the kind of a bond that gets established between you and your accompaniments in your grief is so strong that e

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“When you are together in a predicament the kind of a bond that gets established between you and your accompaniments in your grief is so strong that even the time falls in an admiration for it and cedes its ground to the fact that such a bond can never be tested.”

This is something which my senior from my previous college told me. He is an Air Force personnel and he has been a party to their gruelling training process.
But I could never really comprehend the gravity of what all he said and described to me in detail.

The outbound programme took place during our second week of the college.

My prior knowledge with regards to this programme was just limited to the fact that we were going at some hilly place where we would do some group tasks coming under the rubric of physical exercises. Now I, being an excruciatingly lazy person, absolutely abhor such things. And this knowledge only elicited even more languor from my side.

But, since I love to travel in buses the only thing that made the blood rush to my brain and energy to my feet was the fact that the distance we were supposed to cover would take three hours in total. So I was all jumpy and excited while entering into the bus allotted to me.

And the excitement and the giddiness caused by happiness only increased because, yes indeed, Pune is a mesmerising place with such a mild weather. (I, myself, being a part of the northern part of the country where the weather only remains on the end points of the range of temperature admire that to no end.) We passed by Kune, Lonavala and other places of whom names I cannot recall anymore. And I was sitting glued to my seat by the side of the window starry eyed for the beauty that I saw was ethereal and perfect beyond comprehension.

The bus trip came to an end and we were welcomed by the dhols. It was noisy. Not really something of which I am a fan. But it passed; we visited our allotted rooms; we took some rest; people filled their bellies for they were expecting some action. All in all the introductions, the motivational speeches were done with after which the real thing began.

There were ten group activities in total for all of us were divided into ten groups. The activities were the likes of making out of a loop without giving even a touch compared to a flick to the boundary; passing the baton without dropping it and maintaining only one hand for the purpose of passing; passing the water with the help of your hands to the last member of the team in order to fill a mug; zipline (an adventure to a lot!) and such likes.

And man…
All of this was very very exhausting providing a dawning of realisation with regards to myself being not even close to the category of fit. But this is just something by which I am not even bothered in the least. Because the kind of bonhomie I felt with my team mates filled my heart with the lightness of air and a belief that as a group even biggest of the hurdles can be crossed. At that point of time I was not scared of MBA. Instead, I was looking forward to it.

The day passed doing these things under the sun and then under the crying sky. After which, during the night, the gentlemen came in their shorts and ladies in their dresses and lipsticks to provide their sore muscles even more reason to be sore in an ambience of a music which I would call to be gazillion years old.

Now, in my opinion, the actual bonding started when we went out for trekking. And that was exactly where our spirits were tested (Of mine at least!) for during the trek there were times when it got all slippery and I thought that my day had srrived. So all along, as my father has taught me, I ruminated about God. For it is said that if you think about God before dying you get to go to the Heaven. And in my opinion hell would be a place of lots of work, where I would never want to go. (I am lazy as I have already mentioned and ergo, hate work!)

But the best part was that the trek to the highest summit was very special for it brought about the best of bonds of myself with the people by whom I was surrounded. They could see the fear on my face and they helped me all along to reach. It was all because of them that I fell for not even a single time during the entire trek.

That’s exactly where I made actual friends. And that’s exactly where the concept introduced to me by my senior completely sank in. Now I stand by it completely.

After that,
We returned;
With body cramps and tanned skin as a souvenir;
And a gamut of friends on whose support we know we can actually count.

For five days in a row after that my muscles contracted in a way to sing a song in remembrance of the not so olden times and for a purpose to remind me to finally take a good care of my level of fitness. (Which I am still not gonna do.)