Coming to Pune after staying at home for 2 years was a bit difficult for me. I was in doubt that whether I'll be able to find people with similar ideo

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Coming to Pune after staying at home for 2 years was a bit difficult for me. I was in doubt that whether I’ll be able to find people with similar ideology or not as there would be freshers , people with work ex and also people with different ethnicities and cultures  . During the first 2 days of induction, I did interact with few guys but still that comfort level was not there. Then came the most awaited outbound program. Our whole batch was taken to a resort that was around 70kms from our Campus. It was a beautiful resort amidst hills and the Pune’s weather was a cherry on the top. It was a secluded resort with no mobile network and was managed by Ex defense servicemen. The touch and feel of that place was so beautiful that we knew that these 2 days would be one of the most memorable days of our lives.

First we were divided into groups and half the groups had to stay at the resort for games and activities while the other half had to go for trekking. It was a beautiful trek with such picturesque  views . Then after the trek each group was given the task to entertain the audience for 10 mins. For me that was the best part. We guys danced on “kajra re” and the most amazing part was that the audience was dancing and singing with us. I’ve never ever danced in my life but it happened for the first time in Outbound.

Next day we had to perform some physical tasks. Each task  had some significance like how to work in a team, Enhancing our leadership and management skills and most importantly making us realize the importance of teamwork . For me Outbound was one of the best experiences of my life where I danced like crazies and also learned some life lessons that will definitely help me in future. Outbound provided an ice breaker that everyone wanted. I interacted with so many different people that made me realize that people are so full of talent and achievements and still they are so humble. I would love to spend my 2yrs of MBA will all these people and would try to learn and imbibe every possible thing!!

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