New Place…New People…New Friends…New Liquids…..yes life has always something new  on offer for me and now it’s SIIB‼ PUNE-“THE CITY OF SCENIC BEAUT

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New Place…New People…New Friends…New Liquids…..yes life has always something new  on offer for me and now it’s SIIB‼

PUNE-“THE CITY OF SCENIC BEAUTY”, green mountains…..rains …HOT PIPPING WADAPAVs…..busy people….charming faces….and SYMBIOSIS everywhere.

Normal B-School life as other B-Schools…full day classes, late night assignments, experienced campaigners in friends, messy mess food…in fact it’s like we have to work all the time LL no entertainmentLLL no masti L L L. Days passed by and our seniors also returned from their internships. They are good, friendly, most of them were cool and few were HOT. As usual we were discriminated, we had to study 16 subjects and seniors just 8, this happens only with juniors. We were eagerly waiting for interaction with our seniors, and at last we got an official mail from one of our seniors inviting ua to the Inter-Action‼. We were also given a dress code, girls- Shirt, Pajamas with ends inside socks, One foot chappal other foot shoe, oiled hair with 2 plaits with red ribbon, and red shiny lipstick. Boys- Towel over shorts (Yenna Rascala Mind It!!!), socks with slippers in the left foot, formal shoe without socks in right foot, vest over T Shirt. It couldn’t have gotten more embarrassing‼

We were introduced to a new daddy-“SIIB‼” It was really after months that we people enjoyed a lot and after years we had an opportunity to interact with seniors. The Inter-Action with seniors was full of fun and also we made friends. We gave a warm welcome to our seniors through “AARAMBH”. Happiness doesn’t last long which normally happens in our routine bollywood movies and also in our lives and we were again busy with our work, though we were not actually busy we pretended to be.

Various committees were formed and I was part of none of them. Most entertaining club was the sports club. Especially watching cricket and football matches live was really awesome. Till then we were seniors and juniors but in tournaments it is SENIORS VS JUNIORS. I watched seniors vs. juniors match which was full of fun we, SIIBans (juniors and seniors) sat together and started cheering own team and sledging the opposite team.






People off the field were equally aggressive as people on the field.  Even girls stretched their vocal chords to their capacity-now you know how it would sound. Seniors countering our slogans made it sound even better. It was a very tight game and the result was declared. In the end everyone was congratulating each other, smiles all over the field irrespective of the result. They were even helping each others in dressing wounds. This reminded of the song “Mustafa Mustafa don’t worry Mustafa….hum hai tumhare Mustafa…day-by-day badhta hai dil dil se mil jaata hai jaadu hai aisa friendship ka Mustafa Mustafa don’t worry Mustafa…

“You can’t have a relationship without fights, but you can make your relationship worth your fight”, though we were against each other it is only till that moment. chahey kuch bhi ho jaaye.….. We are always together….and we are kids of the same Dadddy-SIIB.

My dear amigos two years down the line, “Midnight tea’s, birthday parties and bumps, aarambh, fresher’s parties, tournaments, group assignments, movies in ICL classes, lakshmi palace, fun @ tapri’s, bala’s bournvita, late night parties…” will be missed by you to the core, so live every moment and make the most of it‼

PS: “whose your daddy-SIIB”