B school Rankings put SIIB on the top!

B school Rankings put SIIB on the top!

Knowledge is an impact of teaching combined with learning. Being a good learner is not enough; you need an equally strong teacher. Only then can the k

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imagesKnowledge is an impact of teaching combined with learning. Being a good learner is not enough; you need an equally strong teacher. Only then can the knowledge based ecosystem evolve. At Symbiosis, we understand this importance of the teaching process and have therefore been patrons of innovative methodologies that help in maximizing the learning of the students. From industry interface to live projects, the students at any of the programs being conducted at SIIB are exposed to varied degrees of training in order to get a feel of the corporate world. This principle is applied across all the programs at the Symbiosis Institute of International Business. These efforts and initiatives to teach better were recently recognized when SIIB was ranked as the 8th best B school for its pedagogy and teaching methodology.

The recognition of SIIB for its pedagogy is no surprise considering the stringent benchmarks that the institution has when it comes to the academic training of its students. The rankings awarded by business world took into account multiple parameters which included pedagogy as well. While SIIB scored 8th in terms of the pedagogy ranking amongst hundreds of other B schools, the institute also becomes the 14th best B school in the western region according to the regional level business world ranking.

In fact, some of the leading B schools fail to provide such high levels of pedagogical support due to the extra effort involved.  But at SIIB, there is no compromise and therefore the emphasis on pedagogy is paramount.  The Symbiosis Institute of International business is one such place that combines academic exposure with relevant practical training to give students a learning environment that is coherent with the latest industry trends.

The indulgence of industry experts in the training program also ensures that the curriculum at SIIB is in tandem with the latest industrial developments. It is this dedication and paramount efforts that have led to SIIB achieving recognition as one of the best B schools in the country and the topmost institute for energy and environment programs in the country.

For any MBA in Pune aspirant, it is imperative to invest time, effort and money to be doubly sure about the choices that you make. During the admission season, B school rankings are the first thing that students rely upon to choose the right B school. The recent rankings declared by business world put SIIB as the 8th best B school in the country for its pedagogy and innovative teaching techniques. Given the crucial role that pedagogy plays in determining the learning environment of a B school, this achievement is one of the biggest milestones for Symbiosis group and SIIB as well.