Blogging Contest





1. SIIB is starting “The Best Blogger” competition to hone skills for Ethical writing and Communication abilities. We want to know who could bridge that interface which requires exemplary writing capabilities. The selected articles shall be posted on The blog is a medium for people to know and understand SIIB. It includes the students, the faculties, The director, and everything which is happening in and around us. Write-up’s shall be submitted to SIIB blog by registering yourself with mail ID provided by SIIB (associates ID)  or your personal ID (In case you are using your personal ID then you need to Verify yourself that you are a student of SIIB, for this kindly get in touch with SIIB PR Team)

Below are some of the rules:

1. The article should revolve around SIIB, its events, happening, alumni, faculties and any other things which you guys find to be very interesting.

2. The article should be creative and should contain a minimum of 200 words. The most creative article will make all the difference.

3. Each candidate can write as many articles as they want. However, we will chose only some to get it posted on

4. The content should be Original and should not be copied from anywhere. We will cross check on article content for plagiarism. Any candidate found with copied content will be immediately removed from the competition.

5.  This competition will run from 1st of every month and those who submit the best article/articles will be rewarded with a special accredition by SIIB authorities.

6.  All participants are requested to submit the Blog post to till 30th of every Month.

7. Result finalization will happen from 1st to 5th of every Month, and on 5th of every month we will declare the Blogger of the Month Award.

8. Best Blog will be chosen based on number of Facebook share, LinkedIn share, Google Plus, Rating and number of comments received on any post.

9. Since Blog is having IP tracking system, anyone doing fake promotion will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

10. Prize for the Winners:-Blogging Prize

a) Blogger of the month:- Unconditional Shopping Coupon worth Rs 1000/- of Pune Central/Shopers Stop

b) Blogger of the Year:-Unconditional Shopping Coupon worth Rs 5000/- of Pune Central/Shopers Stop