Confessions of a 2 month old

It has been quite some time now that we are in SIIB and some of us are already having sleepless nights; burdened with assignments, presentations and w

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It has been quite some time now that we are in SIIB and some of us are already having sleepless nights; burdened with assignments, presentations and what not. We start our day with running to the mess to grab some food and then race to college with a prayer hoping not to miss the first lecture. Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, we manage to do just fine without breakfast, only to be in class in time, somehow escaping the risks of being barred from another intellectual session .Luckily enough we haven’t yet been swept off our feet by any dangerous surprise tests but the new concepts and over enthusiastic answers of our dear friends in the interactive sessions, surprise us no less. In this mysterious maze that attracts hundreds of MBAs, we sometimes lose track of our own desires while catering to the financial, economical and statistical needs of our goals.

Hence is it true that we need to halt for a while, close our eyes and think what is missing? Or should we break free from this constant pressure of giving the best, being the best and leading the best, and rather be just ‘us’ instead? Shouldn’t we treat ourselves to something more special, fulfilling and apparently more enjoyable? Shouldn’t life be simpler and meaningful, free from the greedy imaginations of succeeding as the ‘numero uno’, of which the idea itself is very vague?


Well the answer lies within us indeed. It’s our thought process that monitors our actions. ‘Close our eyes and think’-yes!!But only to acknowledge the immense wealth that has been bestowed upon us in the form of education and to congratulate ourselves on coming so far, a fact that clearly points out to a more glorious future. This is what we have chosen for ourselves, something that is going to be our pride till the end. Instead of cribbing about the food, the assignments and the class hours, let’s feel the rush and enjoy every bit of it. Instead of bringing others down by trying to prove one’s worth, it’ll work in our favour only when we try to rise altogether.

This is something I couldn’t have imagined 2 months back sitting idle at home, tossing from one end of the bed to another only to switch between TV series. Yes there are time constraints, loads of pressure and a constant fear of lagging behind but we can always learn, adapt and change. It’s just how we look at it, utilize it, enjoy it to love, lead and live the biggest dream of our lives. These 2 months in SIIB have already taught me a few challenging facets  of b-school life, but I would anytime prefer ‘some drama in life’, as Shachi Vaiddya ma’am rightly points out, over a cold monotonous interminable B2B relationship with my symbionts.

Contributed by Rusha Saha