DELHI METRO: The Manager’s Learning

DELHI METRO: The Manager’s Learning

As students of the prestigious Symbiosis group, it is important for us to keep ourselves updated with the latest in the industry. Given the high profi

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As students of the prestigious Symbiosis group, it is important for us to keep ourselves updated with the latest in the industry. Given the high profile academic training of programs like MBA in Agribusiness, MBA in International Business, etc. at SIIB, the need to be abreast with the latest news from the industry is even greater. The previous week has seen quite a few ups and downs and the newspapers were generous to bring us most of the news from all corners of the world. The most interesting news of this week has been the Delhi metro. Yes! The Delhi metro is considered one of India’s most lauded projects.

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However, controversy has been surrounding this project ever since the first day. From unwanted falls to scams, the Delhi metro moved quite a few bricks before getting its show on the tracks. As a result of this PR mileage, the Delhi metro has become one of the most read projects in India. The makers ensured that the nation’s precious metro was always in news. This week yet again the Delhi metro has made headlines. Well, the metro is back in news but for all the wrong reasons. The recent news claims that a certain video footage of couples getting intimate on the metro has become the talk of the town in the virtual world. Anyone and everyone wants to get a peek. The CCTV footage has made it to the porn sites and is getting a million views.

So, is this good or is this bad? Well, as MBA students and participants of the MBA in Symbiosis program, you may feel that the topic is least relevant. But, think from a different aspect and the case becomes interesting. The simple CCTV footage meant to monitor the influx of visitors in the metro has secretly been functioning as a camera to capture young lovers in compromising positions. And surely someone seems to be using this footage to make millions through porn sites.  The Delhi metro is not a master piece, but this news has ensured that its fame travels across borders.

While the governments are more concerned with finding the culprit, the authorities are quite keen to continue playing the blame game by pointing fingers at each other.

A few interesting insights of this case are:

• The Delhi metro’s popularity has magnified manifold. Suddenly, everyone wants to know about it.

• The leak of information has surely filled some one’s pockets in a big way given the extensive exposure on porn sites.his means the activity was been carried out in a planned fashion for quite some time.

Management Learning :

As managers, it is imperative to publicize your business. In fact, it is the subtle yet unspoken learning of every business management program. Given the constantly evolving business scenario, managers are forced to think of innovative ways to publicize their business. However, in case of the Delhi Metro, this publicity came overnight and uninvited. Though the publicity is debatable considering it is negative exposure. Nevertheless, it has put the metro in news. The Delhi metro guys have initiated corrective action by filing a case in the court of law. But, was this action taken in time and will it salvage the reputation of the Delhi Metro guys? Only time will tell.

Above all, as future entrepreneurs or business managers, would you be willing to put your business or project at stake by letting it be impacted by negative exposure to such an extent?


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