From Meri Maggi to Teri Maggi

From Meri Maggi to Teri Maggi

The 2 minute noodles, kids first choice as well as mummy’s delight. Whether it’s late night studies or a fun evening with friends, combine it with bre

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The 2 minute noodles, kids first choice as well as mummy’s delight. Whether it’s late night studies or a fun evening with friends, combine it with bread or a coke or just have it alone. Yes I am talking about our very own Maggi.

Maggi, the two minutes instant noodle brand is in for a big trouble and situation is getting bleaker and bleaker. Maggi, owned by Nestle, a Swiss multinational, saw phenomenal growth in the last 10 years contributing nearly30% of Nestle India revenue, only second to Nestle’s milk products which command 43% of the sale.

Maggi’s ordeal started when Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration (FD A) found Monosodium Glutamate and excessive lead contents in some of the Maggi samples they tested. MSG can cause serious health hazards if excessively consumed. Consequently FDA ordered Nestle to recall the batch of product.

For Maggi trouble did not come alone but in flocks as samples in Uttrakhand and Delhi also failed the tests. A court in Bihar went to the  extent of ordering police to register FIR against Maggi officials and Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Priety Zinta for their commercial association with the brand. This development is likely to hit adversely not only Maggi but Nestle’s other products as well.


Maggi Fiasco

There are various views circling round in the media on this development. Some claim that India wants to arm twist Swiss government so as to get better cooperation on the issue of black money accounts in Swiss accounts. The others maintain that it is nothing but the reflection of the corporate war between Nestle and ITC. One more view or rumour, I do not know what to call it, is that Baba Ramdev wants to come up with Herbal noodles. There are many more.

But this whole fiasco made us ponder over many aspects that we generally tend to ignore. Are the quality assurance authorities reliable? If yes, then where were they sleeping for so many years and what made them realize this issue on one fine day all of a sudden? Is the Government really bothered about the society or is just busy battling its own personal greed fights? Will the same health issue trials take place on other junk food brands as well (including Indian brands as well as foreign ones)? Did Nestle really ignored such an important health parameter criteria or is it a one-time mistake that even they will repent for the rest of their lives or are they falling prey to dirty politics? Are the big corporate names which term “Customers as King” only finding out ways to fool the consumers in one way or the other in their dire hunger to make more and more profits. How safe are we or on whom to trust with our safety?

We live in an extremely fast moving and fickle minded world. Issues here become front line headlines, discussion and debate topic for few days and then people forget and move on, at times getting back on the same way of living that was under question earlier.

Let us wait and see how different will the Maggi situation be for us this time.