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Going Green with Agribusiness Management

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70 percent of India’s rural population thrives on agriculture and agri-allied sectors as their bread-winner. Despite this magnanimous importance, agricultural productivity in our country has reduced significantly. According to a report published in a 2018 edition of the Financial Express, the contribution from this area is a meagre 17-18% of the Indian GDP.

As the citizens of a booming economy, a global leader, why are we left to wonder where our country lags behind the West? Why do we hitherto come across news reports on farmer strikes and suicides? Why do our cultivators hassle around to obtain a considerable price for their yield? Most of them lack the awareness and financial backing to access technology-driven tools and practices. This narrows the scope of development in the quantity or quality of their farm produce. Eventually, it becomes complicated for a developing nation like ours, predominantly driven by agriculture, to survive in a state of helplessness.

Hence, the industry now needs professionals, who are willing to change the existing practices and bring in innovative solutions; experts who are entirely aware of the existing scenario and have the necessary knowledge to improve it. And, these are the individuals Symbiosis Institute of International Business aims to create.

This is why we have introduced an MBA in Agribusiness Management programme. With this, we aim to empower our students to handle finances, market the agricultural produce, take care of logistics, and manage imports and exports. After graduating in this unique MBA specialization from our institute, students will know everything under the Sun, when it comes to improving the current agricultural scenario.

Equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, they will assist in efficient agricultural input supply, production, commodity assembly, processing, and operations. Thus, as Agribusiness managers, they will help our farmers in every possible aspect of the industry. This will gradually make a difference in the way we cultivate, harvest and sell crop. Thus, creating agripreneurs and business experts is our idea of contributing to a greener and more productive agricultural economy.

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