Growing with a 27-year old legacy : What Our Alumni Have to Say

The Symbiosis International (Deemed University) was built around the vision of ‘promoting international understanding through quality education’.

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The Symbiosis International (Deemed University) was built around the vision of ‘promoting international understanding through quality education’. To aid this undertaking further, the Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade was established in 1992. As the global horizons expanded, the founders felt the need to imbibe students with something more than just Foreign Trade. This gave rise to the Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) in 2001.

After 27 years, SIIB stands strong as one of the elite business schools in India. Over this period, the institute has not only aimed to provide its protegés with an education of a global perspective, but also mold their personalities in a way that helps them emerge into skilled and successful global citizens. The industry-competitive syllabus and experiential learning approach have helped students to succeed in all walks of their lives. Here is what the alumni of SIIB have to say about their experiences.

  1. Here is Mr Manoj Kumar Mohanty explaining the commencement of his successful journey

“The Civil services exam was our family tradition, and I’d failed to clear it. I then appeared for a few management entrances and got through 2-3 colleges. I finally decided to join SIFT, which not only taught me the basis of management and International business, but also gave the requisite boost to my confidence. Today I have earned my name in International business by working with multi-national companies like TATA, GE, Sony, Panasonic, Al Futtaim and now with Havells India. I will owe it to my hard work and to SIFT for giving me my first success in the corporate world.”

-Mr. Manoj Kumar Mohanty (1992-1993), GM (International Business Division) at Havells India Ltd

  1. Here is what Mr Dheeraj Srivastav has to say about how the business fundamentals learned at SIIB have helped his career

“When I look back to the journey of 22 years which I started in 1995, I wonder how the world has transformed. Have things changed? Yes, indeed – with the advancements in technology. However, if you look closely, the core business fundamentals are still the same. I am grateful to my mentors who humbly helped me to gain this knowledge and continued to offer their support during my career. I started as an Export Executive and today I am working for Syntel Inc. Symbiosis has also made tremendous progress since its inception. The students have brought laurels to the institution. I wish them luck and promise to stay connected to bring back my industry learnings to Gen-Y.”

– Mr Dheeraj Srivastav, (1994-1995), Engagement Manager at Syntel

  1. Here is what Mr Uddhav Nikam has to say about how SIIB’s financial aid has played a crucial role in his life

“I consider myself lucky to have been a part of the SIIB (formerly known as SIFT) family. SIIB imbibes the qualities of discipline, responsibility and hard work which help in success. One can experience the immense commitment of the faculty and staff in ensuring the best learning/exposure to the students. Having come from a financially weak family, the Director and Deputy Director took pains to the extent of paying my second year’s full fee, without which my life would have never turned out to be the way it is today. Due to my education at SIIB, I have been fortunate to do well in my career since the last two decades.”

-Mr Uddhav Nikam, (1995-1997), General Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

These are a few instances of how SIIB’s 27-year-old legacy has been a crucial pillar for many students to becoming world-class managers. If you want a similar experience that prepares you for a thriving career and the global business challenges of tomorrow, here is the information about the various postgraduate programmes offered at SIIB. You can also view more of our alumni speaks here.