June 1, 2017, Thursday was a red lettered day for the batch of 2019 of SIIB. After the laborious processes of giving the entrance exams, appearing for

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June 1, 2017, Thursday was a red lettered day for the batch of 2019 of SIIB. After the laborious processes of giving the entrance exams, appearing for the interviews and getting selected in the end, here we are at the threshold of entering a brand new phase of our lives which is sure to give us chills and thrills over the next two years! There was a palpable sense of excitement and anxiousness among all of us as we assembled at the auditorium for the Induction ceremony.


In many ways our batch is significant. First and foremost is the fact that it is the silver jubilee batch of SIIB which itself makes it special. The second reason is the fact that we are living in transition times. A time when the nation as a whole has underwent a major litmus test in the form of demonetization and another impending test in the form of GST is awaited. People are talking of emerging markets, complex international trade, the adverse effects of climate change and the fact that regionalization over globalization is taking the front seat. As a result, we are at a cutting edge in terms of economic and social reforms.


Distinguished dignitaries made the occasion august with their presence which includes Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, the principal director of SIU, Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice chancellor of SIU, Dr . Ashmita Chitnis, Director of SIIB along with the guests for the day Mr. Rajeev Varman, CEO Burger King India and Mr. Naveen Chandani, Chief Business Development Officer of Bank Bazaar.Com.


Our director, Dr. Ashmita Chitnis welcomed us and elaborated on the journey of SIIB from its start and gave us a glimpse of what’s in store for the next 2 years. She explained us about the programs and its significance in today’s market scenario and the fact that how the courses were designed keeping in mind the emerging markets and the industry feedback.


Dr. Rajani Gupte set the tone for the day revolving around the theme of “Prepare Yourself”. A very relevant thought coinciding with the age and times that we live in and the future we are going to be a part of where disruption and re-skilling ourselves to the need of the hour will become the norm. She illustrated a lot of examples and enlightened us with ongoing development in many fields where automation will rule the roost in the future and how man has to find alternate areas of employment generation. With the global economic scenario changing drastically with free trade taking a beating and “tariff walls” emerging, we have to adapt ourselves to stay ahead of the competition.


Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar reflected on the growth of Symbiosis since its inception and elucidated the ideals for what Symbiosis stands for – creating a congenial atmosphere for students to provide quality education and also inculcate cross cultural exchanges between students of various states and countries. She urged us to use this opportunity to network with as many people as possible and thus improve our skills and personality. We understood the prestigious Symbiosis brand name and the significance it weighs through her speech.


The strength of any B-School lies in its alumni network and the esteemed positions they hold all over the world. A distinguished alumnus of SIIB, Mr. Navin Chandani of Bank Bazaar.Com and Mr. Rajeev Varman of Burger King were the persons passing on the baton to us, the younger generation.


Mr. Navin Chandani’s speech revolved around 7 key points – 1) Have passion in whatever you do 2) Be bold to experiment and never fear for failure 3) Keep it simple – you must be in a position to clearly explain what you want to say 4) Collaborate – Teamwork always wins in the end 5) Execute – Have a precise plan on how to go about your ideas 6) Innovate – it need not be a path breaking idea but it can be a small one which helps you to be the first mover in any field 7) Create solutions and solve problems in order to create frictionless experiences. He gave many incidents from his own experience at SIIB where he studied in the initial years of its growth and inspired us to follow our heart and bring laurels to the institute.


Mr. Rajeev Varman’s keynote dwelled on three main aspects, Hunger-Humility-Hard work. He urged us to “Stay hungry and stay foolish”, be dissatisfied with our current position as if satisfaction kicks in, we become redundant and sit back on our accolades and never move ahead. He explained how we have to feel uncomfortable with our present situation and strive to work for creating a better tomorrow and also have a sense of urgency in our approach in order to keep pace with the rest of the world. Being grounded and having humility helps us to learn and unlearn many things and most importantly, arrogance shuts off your senses. He mentioned that hard work is one which is done when nobody is watching you and urged us to not work hard for anyone else but for your own development.

He ended with the words that life is not a sprint, it is a marathon and that we must constantly update ourselves to the new practices and trends which are followed.


It was a great food –for- thought for us young inductees and we were fully engrossed and in unison with the speakers regarding what they spoke.


Yesterday’s students are today’s leaders, today’s students are tomorrows leaders. Hence it was not an interaction between a leader and a student, but between a former student to a current student. Or should I say a current leader to a future leader?!


Overall, it was a first of many memorable and unforgettable experiences which are in store for us, the 25th batch of SIIB!




Deepak Sivakumar


1st Year, MBA – IB









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    Nitish Razdan 5 years

    Very elegantly described the beginning story of an MBA program. Hope we all will have an unforgettable experience in the coming days too.