Internship Diaries

Internship Diaries

 “Reborn everyday with Hot water”. Indeed it was like a rebirth to work for a manufacturing firm from being used to a white collar Big Blue Infor

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Processed with VSCOcam “Reborn everyday with Hot water”. Indeed it was like a rebirth to work for a manufacturing firm from being used to a white collar Big Blue Information Technology firm.

The organisation has taught not only the nuances and the dynamics of a highly weighted P–‘Place’ in the paramount concept of marketing 4Ps, but has also taught other dimensions of the industry like organizational behavior (from month end ruckus, screaming, barging into cabins, pushing for numbers) to consumer behavior; having spoken to dealers and distributors PAN India, lastly and definitely not the least: channel management.

Location – Everywhere in Pune

Nevertheless, it was time to immerse ourselves in the market as rightly quoted by the VP- Marketing there, for the pilot research of my two month long survey on assessing channel satisfaction. I along with four other colleagues of mine went for something known as “Mass Marketing or Mass Contact” all dressed as company ambassadors wearing white caps and T-shirts. The off the record take away that I would like to share from these six days was how to cover yourself head to toe to avoid the tan and still emerge two shades darker *sob* and a more explored Pune city.

Location – Corporate Office (YAY!!)

Relating the classroom concepts with the real trade dynamics and giving a meaningful insight to the firm was what the internship has taught me. The company shaped my fundamentals to fit the industry and extended my understanding on business and marketing, solely because of a highly experienced and extremely approachable leadership. Attributing it to my guide VP – Sales, I have a much better and accommodative view of the sales force, the shortcomings and the challenges of the profile per se. In the true sense of the word he was a guide, opening new windows of perspectives and leaving me with after thoughts on channel conflict issues and matters that came across as my findings.

A thoroughgoing project and a great and distinguished experience was the summer internship. 🙂


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    Mohit Goyal 7 years

    Superb blog Kaushik. It was definitely a fantastic experience with you all. The mass marketing program, your chai breaks, namkeen, “Aur Bhaiyya ***** kaisa bik raha hai??”, meri K*ms 😉 , Kotler, 2nd day ki daant, bus routes, post lunch walk, the survey making are some memories that will always be cherished. Thanks for making my summer internship so special.