Is AI less than human intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the imitation of intelligence processes of humans by machines. These machines generally comprise the computer syste

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is the imitation of intelligence processes of humans by machines. These machines generally comprise the computer systems. The basic human processes which are simulated by the computer systems are reasoning, learning, and self-correction. Speech recognition, expert systems, and machine vision are some specific applications of the AI.

Today, artificial intelligence is commonly known as narrow AI or weak AI which is designed in a way as to perform narrow tasks. But the long term goal still remains to create a general AI or strong AI also known as AGI whose purpose would be to outperform humans in every task possible. Till then the narrow AI continues to outperform humans at small tasks.

The artificial intelligence has great potentials to improve things like poverty, healthcare, education, and security. AI could have a positive impact on society, culture, and business. Even today, the artificial intelligence is capable of doing useful things which humans can’t do. In the healthcare sector, AI is driving an implementation of precision medicine which is an emerging approach to the treatment and prevention of disease that considers the variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle of every individual. This precision medicine will further allow doctors and researchers to accurately predict which medicine will work more precisely in which type of group of people. AI algorithm like deep learning is used by Ayasdi in order to enable the doctors to analyze the data in a better way. Because of this, the medical personnel have been able to identify various unknown diabetes sub-types. Even IBM and Enlitic use AI algorithm to detect tumors in radiology scans and they also accelerate the potential of finding a cure for cancer.

When we look into the field of cyber security, we find that recently there have been a lot of security threats in the end of 2016 and start of 2017 which have been termed as scary ones because one of the attacks was that of foreign governments biasing the presidential election of the United States. The cyber security alert has greatly increased and the security teams have to struggle a lot to work through these alerts. The AI has enabled automation capabilities and self-learning services which keep us much safer from small scale identity theft as well as terrorism. It is also cost effective.

Precision farming is another way which will allow the artificial intelligence to change the world apart from cyber security and precision medicine. As the world population will expectantly increase in the coming years, the food production sector will be highly affected. The struggle to produce more food with the rapid growth in population is likely to increase. The artificial intelligence is introducing ways in order to drive efficiency in our current farming techniques. This will help in increasing the production and will reduce the wastage without doing any harm to the environment.

Thus, these are the ways which provide us with enough facts which show us how artificial intelligence can change the world.


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