Is Poverty an issue?

The politics within a country decides the leaders of the nation. As future manager, you have to be well versed with the developments happening on this

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PovertyThe politics within a country decides the leaders of the nation. As future manager, you have to be well versed with the developments happening on this stage. They may not impact your business directly but the policies and objectives are guaranteed to make a difference in the long run. At institutions like SIIB, students learn about these intricacies through the several industry interface programs that are interlinked to the curriculum. Of course, SIIB also has industry experts come in from time to time to share their views, insights and opinions with the future managers. Last week, there were several political developments that kept the paper occupied throughout. From allegations to trivialization of poverty, our leaders did it all. But, the trivialization of poverty by the ruling party was one of the most shocking statements that led to a national uproar of sorts. After all, if everything was so simple, businesses had to be functioning flawlessly giving magnanimous amounts of revenue to the economy. But, is that happening?

Well, businesses are growing and so is the opportunity for managers passing out of institutions like SIIB. But, this growth is not the result of sudden enlightenment. In fact, it is the result of consistent hard work, regular efforts and a strong support structure by the government policies. However, when you hear leaders of the nation speak of poverty as a trivial issue, it comes as a rude shock. All that we have learnt about socially responsible businesses that help in improving the standards of living for the  community, are they not needed any more? Our leaders surely seem to claim so.  In fact, the bold statements that they made last week, clearly give a hint that businesses have done their job and indeed improved the standards of living to such an extent that everyone has access to the basic necessities like food security.

Just when the business community and analysts began to scrutinize the statements, the leaders realized that they had opened the Pandora’s box. The super specialist crisis management team was called in and the salvaging of the situation began. There were explanations given and supporting statements issued. But, the damage had been done. The issue had resulted in mockery of the ruling party across different mediums. So, if there was a newspaper talking about the seriousness of the matter, there were trolls on social media pages that used satire to highlight the gross mistake that the leaders had committed. The news travelled like wildfire and before the end of the day it had done enough damage to tarnish the image of the ruling party.

As the future of India Inc. , you may have had the doubt as to the seriousness of the poverty issue. After all, our leaders have been bragging about the methods being adopted to eradicate poverty for quite some time. One of the common doubts to arise in the mind is that how big an issue is poverty? Well, poverty continues to be a major issue even today. As managers of the future, it is imperative for you to be aware of the real scenario. Poverty is a cause of concern but the situation is improving. This improvement is partially because of businesses shifting to a sustainable model and taking active steps to improve the standards of living for the underprivileged. The participants at B schools like SIIB use a holistic approach to infuse within students the required skill set that prepares them to evolve into socially responsible business managers of the future.

After all, poverty is a cause of concern, but the future of this concern can surely be made better with the efforts of the soon to be business managers

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