Let’s get rolling !!

Let’s get rolling !!

There comes a day in every 20-something year old Indian’s life when the bachelor’s degree start taking a toll with the daily office scenes and infini

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There comes a day in every 20-something year old Indian’s life when the bachelor’s degree start taking a toll with the daily office scenes and infinite waiting for weekends. It is then that “Passion” moonwalks in like a boss, and what do we do?  We choose the safest option,MBA.

I joined SIIB, Pune, one of the premier institutions in the lot of B-schools. I joined the college on 30th May, and no sooner had I entered the college that I started feeling a little homesick with new people all around, with different ages, carrying a diverse culture. The whole week was packed with orientation activities, knowing about the college culture, rules, regulations and of course the most used MBA jargon “Networking”, to level up the game. Our college organized an outbound program on 9th and 10thJune for a batch strength of 240 people. As soon as I received the mail, I searched for “Mohili Meadows resort” and to my surprise it turned out to be a beautiful stay. Finally, our trip started with people waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning, searching for empty bathrooms and packing our stuff. We were all set by 7 a.m. and reported to our respective buses-boarding point led by a very inspiring and energetic man, Mr.Col Sameer Kulkarni. The journey started with the young “m-woodpecker” team who took care of us in the entire two-day journey.

The bus journey began with an introduction session, followed by Antakshari, also food which geared up our energy level. At the same time, the outside setting stole my heart, with gigantic mountains and clouds coming down to hug them, with a slight drizzle and a cold breeze, with happy faces all around enjoying the journey.  After almost 3 hours, our destination arrived. We had a glorious welcome with the Dhol being played and in no time we started dancing to the beats matching to the rhythm of our friends. Welcome drinks were served that refreshed everyone up. We were then allotted rooms with a mesmerizing view. We all got freshened up and had a delicious and sumptuous breakfast. The most amazing part started with debriefing of our 2 days’ schedule and division of groups for tactically driven tasks, which not only helped us to open up to people, but also helped to give us a head start on the sole purpose we came to SIIB, to learn about managing, team playing, trusting each other, healthy competition, leadership and the most important human value – to help each other and take care of our team. In the evening rain dance and DJ night were organized and it was quite interesting to see people rocking the dance floor even after the tiring day, dancing their hearts out, living the moment.

The next day followed with a trek at 6 o’clock in the morning. Yes it was trekking, about which I was completely clueless, but Mr.Kulkarni took to refuge, helping and guiding us the whole way. We climbed a mountain, surpassed a waterfall, muddy paths, heavy rain and a whole lot of leeches and crabs. It was weird how the cloudburst and the rainfall made the ascend so grinding yet so darn beautiful. When we completed the trek, a feeling of accomplishment rushed in. I had tried something new after ages which was way out of my comfort zone. The trek was followed by a fulfilling breakfast, treasure hunt game in which everyone actively participated, lunch and a debriefing season, with announcement of winners amongst the competing groups.  We got into the bus to return after that – bringing the outbound program to an end, via beautifulLonavala valleys with the cold breeze gushing in. I put in my headphones and looked outside the window thinking about the trip which made me learn about the world, to gather hopes and courage from people and to unlearn things which made sense no more.

I now know what I am looking for and what I find shall be here at SIIB. MBA-diaries has now begun!



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    KUSH 5 years

    Well Written!

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    Yeah, Let’s get rolling !!.. proud to be part of SIIB