LIFE in 16 subjects

LIFE in 16 subjects

MBA... after a maddening 2 year chase, I finally got hold of it and after joining SIIB, I am looking forward to grabbing it in the 2 years to come. It

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Life At SIIB

MBA… after a maddening 2 year chase, I finally got hold of it and imagesafter joining SIIB, I am looking forward to grabbing it in the 2 years to come. It feels good to be in the company of so many smart and brilliant students. The faculty is amazing, each one more eccentric than the other, but they drive home the concepts straight to the grey cells, where everything becomes ‘crystal clear’.

With an overwhelming number of subjects (read 16) in the first semester, it is very difficult to juggle between them, maybe that’s how we become managers. But one thing which I have realised is that all subjects have a pinch of so called psychology and can be applied in our daily life. Our economics sir tells us – people face trade-offs, well truer words were never said. Staying in a hostel is filled with trade-offs, sleep less to “study” more, play CS or write an assignment. Statistics teaches us, it is better to have a bigger sample to make it a normal distribution, which is what we want during our placement, most of the students (bigger sample) must be within the z-score of one. Our Marketing sir has “positioned” in our mind that marketing is one of the most fun subjects to study. Its interest is not segmented demographically and we are at the top tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of human behaviour.

Foreign trade policy and Export Import helps us understand why trade barriers are bad. In our hostel we are not allowed to go out after 11, hence a barrier for all the “spirited” students in our hostel. This leads to trade from outside the hostel to inside of hostel through unguarded gates (benefit for both exporter and importer). Staying in hostel is always a time of financial crisis, maybe studying finance will help us in managing it better. “Operating” expenses on roadside vada pavs, chai and colored liquids should be reduced and the capital provided by our parents must be utilised properly to improve shareholder’s (parents) confidence. Since we are on finance, we cannot leave accounting behind. As I started learning balance sheet, my dad insisted me to write one. I wrote one, and it dint balance.

Data driven decision making helps us to collect data effectively and use it for analysis. Most of the guys are busy collecting data on the girls in our batch and recording in excel. They apply filter on relationship status to find out the single ones and apply conditional formatting on themselves when they go out to meet one.

Further knowledge of other subjects is required to write on it. So let me get back to studying and then I will try to relate it to our lives. Till then Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye in German- one of our subjects).


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    A very hands-on take on the unending list of subjects at SIIB 😛

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    yeah true 😛

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    Interesting… to know about the amount of classes that you chase…well quality is more important over quantity and surly its going to put your through various hardcore drills…
    Anyways…good luck and “TRY” to enjoy your time at SIIB… Adios amigos (didn’t learned at any Spanish classes… but learned during interactions…and experience… and I am sure…your overall experience will be much richer than the Grades you posses) 🙂

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    Parth Shah 9 years

    Really Nice !!! Good one !! 🙂

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    Awesome write up! Keep the humor going!

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