Do not judge yet, I know the title is a bit corny but I do have a great back story to support it. Bear with me you all! The journey started with grump

A Bittersweet Tale of Price Control and Myopic Decision-Making
An Overview of SNAP
A World Without leaders

Do not judge yet, I know the title is a bit corny but I do have a great back story to support it. Bear with me you all! The journey started with grumpy tired faces all scooped together in a bus for 3 hours straight. Most were seen dozing, a few humming and a few in the enthu squad singing to the top of their lungs. As soon as the cold breeze of the Valley of Lonavala swept across our faces the frowns turned upside down and soon in no time we all reached our destination. Lo and behold! there was a dhol walla in Pune and people from all parts of India(many amateurs) swaying to the beat and trying bhangra. What an entertaining sight to view! After a lot of welcome dance and refreshing welcome drinks, we all went to our respective rooms. The rooms were beyond par with a panoramic view to withhold. The sheer joy of being surrounded by fickle weather, scenic mountains and overzealous students all lifted up our moods and we forgot our early morning swept.
After a heartening breakfast, the itinerary of the day was announced and groups of 10 were formed. There were several activities, lots of running around, some sweat, some mud some rain but a lot of fun! The activities were named as caterpillar walk, spider web, zip line, passing the baton, chillyBilly, water relay, magic carpet, Gutter ball, hulla hoop and blind train. Each activity has a story to tell in itself. What fun we had! How seemingly random people with diverse backgrounds bonded over the smallest of the tasks. Who knew you can find best friends in a matter of minutes!
All the fun was followed by even more fun with the Dj night and pool party. It was a ravishing experience in itself. The following day after a night of girl talks and much-needed jokes we all went for trekking in rain. By the end, we were drenched, muddy, aching and hungry but I would never have it any other way. It is difficult to express the moments in mere words. It is an exquisite experience to have. The trek was followed by a huge treasure hunt which with much pride I can say that my team ended up winning. Later we all had lunch and a bus full of tired sleepy students headed back to hostels. I never expected that I would find joy and pride and friends in such small activities and in such small moments.
I am fortunate to have experienced this and am de-stressed. If this is the beginning I cannot wait for the 2 years ahead. At the end, let me clear the air! My title commemorates the lost zeal of us all  found collectively at the enthralling outbound program.