Mr. and Miss Symbi Fit- 2013

Mr. and Miss Symbi Fit- 2013

Mr and Miss Symbi Fit was introduced for the first time to test the inner strengths of the students of 27 constituent institutes of SIU catering to 14

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Mr and Miss Symbi Fit was introduced for the first time to test the inner strengths of the students of 27 constituent institutes of SIU catering to 14000 students wherein 2 students from our college ,SIIB –Jagan Samuel and Pooja Gupta made us proud by winning the laurels to this contest. This event which was initiated in order to instil a sense of wellness in the minds and hearts of the youth saw its beginning on the 3rd of December 2013 and its grand finale on 10th December 2013.


It consisted of 4 rounds which were carefully and thoughtfully planned to test the students on various levels of patience, speed, strength both mental and physical and the ability to accept and face challenges.


The 1st round was conducted in the personal gyms of the respective colleges that judged the students on the basis of their heart rate recovery, leg press, push ups, BMI, squats, fat content, weight and height etc and this data collected all over India was submitted. Out of 900 candidates 30 men and 30 women were selected for their next round which was to be held in the Lavale campus.

The 2nd round had an obstacle race which involved jumping over an inclined plank 15 ft high with a rope and then jumping down, soldier crawling of about 20 m under the net balancing and walking over a small and narrow beam 15 m long, jumping over the hurdles etc. In this particular round the athletes were tested on their timing that is speed and swiftness to complete the task assigned.

The 3rd round saw its top 10 qualified athletes from the previous round who now had to battle against each other in an individual and group performance, something unique that was a perfect blend of their extra-curricular talents and superb athletic capability. Out of this the top 3 male and female athletes had to face an interview round where they had to be as prompt in their answers as they were on the field. On the basis of all the cumulative scores Jagan Samuel and Pooja Gupta emerged victorious by proving their worth both mentally and physically in the history of the 1st such massive event in the face of athletic sports in SIU.

A quote from the winners, “The best thing about this entire event was the enthusiasm and the fire in every1’s eyes as they all wanted to be victorious but only 2 could win the battle. So it was a moment of triumph well deserved and rightly earned’’.


Jagan says-‘Perception matters a lot as slow and steady is no more the essence but it has changed itself to calm, steady and swift wins the race.’

Nothing better expresses the feeling of euphoria that they must have experienced at that moment of victory as:

When you set your eyes on something don’t come back without getting it. To do what it takes, to see desperate people competing at personal levels for reasons unknown to you, you fight with 900 students over 4 rounds, go all through it and make sure you win.