Music-My Refuge

Music-My Refuge

It’s been more than two months since I have been in SIIB. From the days in outbound to “Aarambh” (our cultural event) I have witnessed many capti

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It’s beensiib music more than two months since I have been in SIIB. From the days in outbound to “Aarambh” (our cultural event) I have witnessed many captivating performances precisely in music which compelled me to write a few words about it.  “Music is the only way to eradicate the hypocritical captivity and servitude of humanity towards contentious existence of mighty(God) ”, a famous assertion pronounced in the “Romanticism” era in 1800-1850 AD, just when civilization was crippling and crawling out of the long medieval, supposedly interminable, gloomy abyss. A lot has been said by various philosophers and scientists like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Freud, Hegel, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Darwin and Lamarck but eventually everybody had to (willingly or unwillingly) compromise with the fact that nothing could be actively said or claimed about the substantiality of some external power known as God. Humanity was enthralled by a notion that whatever happens, happens as per the whim of almighty and church throughout medieval tenure exploited people with insurmountable dominance for the same reason (that God is unapproachable).

At the same time music as an art came into the picture and assured that the will of humanity could be served. There may be a possibility that all our actions and activities could be submissive but one thing which nobody (not even God) can fetch out of us is our own self “will” to play the next node of music and that’s exactly the virtual world (of music) where we are the Gods of ourselves. We are not bound or obliged, but our instincts and desires direct our symphony in various directions. That is the beauty of music which distinguishes us from rest of the living creatures (as they are completely servile).

Again the dilemma of approaching God was only solved by music. It mesmerizes us and conspicuously allows us to feel the essence of that intangible (almighty) which was so far unapproachable not only by scientists but also by philosophers. But the beauty of music is beyond logic and reason. It is unquestionable and free flowing like a sacred river. Once we devote ourselves to it, we relinquish “self” and become “one”. Meerabai, Kabir, Raidas, Tansen up to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Giuseppe Verdi all had chosen the path of music to attain eternal contentment and to admonish society.

No matter what the time frame is, no matter how much we have grown but the essential beauty of music is pervasive and everlasting. Lets embellish it painstakingly and extend it to new directions (same as our ancestors had done in prolong history). We all are blessed and let us be blessed always by assuring  more rich tradition of music for coming posterity and to keep this magic alive as long as humanity survives.

 Contribution by Snehil Verma(IB-B) Member-PlaceCom

The author is follower of western philosophy and ardent fan of “System of Down.”