Though it's the SIIB's Outbound Programme, it was more likely kind of an In-bond Programme i.e. making a strong and positive bond with inner you and w

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Though it’s the SIIB’s Outbound Programme, it was more likely kind of an In-bond Programme i.e. making a strong and positive bond with inner you and with others. How? Well, just go onto a small trek on the hill of my experiences here, so that you can know how it was in outbound!

So, the outbound programme was organized for 9-10th June. We left early at 6 o’clock from SIC in buses. Trust me, it was a very silent journey since everyone was trying to escape into their dreams and even no one was bothered enough to know where we are taken to.  But, the situation changed within the one and a half hour of journey into long, narrow, serpentine roads of hills. When we reached our destination called “Surya-Shibir”, the place seemed full of energetic vibes and greenery.

After recharging ourselves with delicious breakfast, we were divided into different groups where we were unknown to each other. Therefore, the first task was tossing a ball among the circle of people by calling out their names until we remembered faces and names correctly. Later, we performed Chariot task, tied-legs task, sheep and shepherd task, sending Aish to hospital task,  A-Frame task. These activities were designed in such a way that they would make us understand the importance of having a leader, leadership qualities, team-spirit, long-term planning, perspective, balance. Also, these activities made us know ourselves as well as team-mates in terms of interpersonal skills.

For the evening’s chill-out session, every single group rocked the stage with their outstanding performances. Each and every member’s participation is what made the evening more special. But, discipline is the discipline. The program finished by 9 pm so that we had our dinner on time and went for some sleep.

On the next day, we were ready for trekking early in the morning. Fortunately, the blue sky was filled with grey clouds which were showering on us every now and then. Many of us fell on the slippery path while others rushed forward each and every time to help them get back on their feet. This was the result of those team-building activities. Though we were into the chilling, raining and windy atmosphere, our minds were completely at peace. This is what happens when we go into nature, right?

On the same day afternoon, we had the ice-breaking activity where we made caricatures of each other and introduced each other to everyone. After we had snacks and left for packing the bags to go back to the hostel. Though we went there with just a bag full of clothes, we came back with the mind full of thoughts and the lessons…