Politicking with censure?

It is incredible and appalling how some gossip-mongers chit-chat. If you are in India and traveling in a train, there is no doubt that you will not ru

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It is incredible and appalling how some gossip-mongers chit-chat. If you are in India and traveling in a train, there is no doubt that you will not run into a bunch of people who would not talk about Indian politics. Uncanny part is that the bunch comprises of total strangers. Like great men say ; ‘like-minds lure like-minds’. I have experienced the same many times. Then, surrounded by them all I do is sit aside, pretend being indifferent towards their discourse but in actual , I am quite interested in their topic. I want to intervene badly  into their discussion but then these are senile individuals. They might presume that I am too young to be an expert in their discussion. Therefore I refrain myself. I think this kind of experience is common with most of us. I asked my friends whether they have experienced the same and they all agree. Most of the time, you will find those people to be detractors. All they do is ridicule the incumbent government. It does nothing but spreads negativity.


The Politics Playground

These days Bhartiya Janta Party led National Democratic Alliance government is being lambasted for not doing anything. Just to clarify, I am no advocate of them but it has just been a year and one cannot undo wrongdoings of previous governments overnight. I totally agree that even they are not an Utopian administration but they seem to exude an intent of change. Mr. Modi has been taking diplomatic-sojourns, which is under severe attack, since he was sworn in. As a matter of fact, brand India is receiving a phenomenal response across countries, thanks to Mr.Prime Minister’s reach. In this year itself, India has garnered $3.9 billion worth of private equity. Investors are certainly looking at India as their next vital destination. Multinational organizations are putting their facilities under Make in India campaign and many more. Mr. Prime Minister’s pro-business attitude and attribute is changing India’s global persona, be it in Digital India campaign or Make in India campaign. Business magnates, all across the world, are willing to buy what Mr.Modi is selling. He might be a rhetoric or camera-savvy but eventually, it is aiding India to reform its image.

All I am saying is give them complete five years, let them sell brand India as much as they want, if by 2019 things don’t work out then do not elect them. Do not we live in a democratic nation? We need to realize that we have the real power in our hands. Politicians are merely representatives of common people. I understand these things look good on paper only but it’s a fact as well. If our voting is not driven by caste or religion then we may not have to repent latter. Favouritism has to be completely thrown out of the window.
Therefore, we need to have a great deal of patience and we need to change our attitude towards politics. Never forget that becoming a $20 trillion economy from $2 trillion cannot be achieved without being a flashy marketeer.