Prevalence of drugs among the youth

Who’s the Gabru ?? Apparently every one is the Gabru.  As clearly shown in the movie, 70% of the youth of Punjab is under the influence of drug

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Who’s the Gabru ??

Apparently every one is the Gabru.  As clearly shown in the movie, 70% of the youth of Punjab is under the influence of drugs. The statistics are alarming even at national and global level.  With the turnover of 500 billion dollars, it is the third largest business in the world after petroleum and arms trade.  Over 200 million people all over the world suffer from drug addiction.  There are more than a million heroin addicts registered in India itself, the unofficial count can be as high as 5 million while the recreational users are uncountable.

Where does the vicious cycle start? According to me it’s the ultimate psychological drama of inferiority complex.  The people in the age of 18-30 are the ones who are most prone to addiction problems. These are the most formidable years in one’s life and also the time when one interacts with different people and lives a stressful life of making a career, staying away from home and the first taste of independence.  A research study shows that the more you say no to something or restrict a person to know about something, the more power it gets. We are often told to stay away from drugs, drugs are bad,etc., and all this subconsciously ends up giving more power to it and creates curiosity in ones mind.  The worst of all is when people consider it “cool “ or something that gives you “swag “.

Let me elaborate. 4 years back I had a friend in engineering college. A very smart, happy go lucky fellow.  The only problem he had was that he was in an engineering college (like 90% of the engineers he wanted to do something else.)

His disinterest affected his performance and his performance affected his parent’s disappointments. Despite of repeated efforts of trying to quit, he was unable to convince them to drop out. One day a “cool friend goes up to him and says “let’s roll” you will forget everything and it will help you calm down and concentrate.  My friend like most of us said there is no harm in trying and went with the flow.  As the stress of classes, labs, backs and girlfriend increased, his rolls increased exponentially.  Soon he left weed and books behind and went on to acid, and one day on this very acid trip, jumped from the 14th floor.

Now most of us would blame the drugs and the boy, I would blame his parents and everyone else around him who knew he was in depression and yet never helped him truly and just tried to divert his mind and attention towards drugs.  This is the core to the drug abuse problem. We live in a world where a lot is expected from us and the inability to deliver or to match up to such expectations often puts our minds in conflict and then to ease the psychic pain we turn to “green solutions” amongst other things.

It is one in a billion shot that a depressed college drop out popping pills would create a company like Apple!!!For most, it ends up like it did for my friend or as an eternal fight against consumption.  What needs to be done here is to realize the problems which leads to drug abuse and help eradicate them rather then telling people not to use it and sweep everything under the carpet.  People will always remember that he got addicted and killed himself, no one will remember his efforts to fight or his will to do something better for himself and that’s where drugs get more power.