Imagine a woman walking up for an interview and being questioned about her future plans just to embarrass her and on the other hand a man walk

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Imagine a woman walking up for an interview and being questioned about her future plans just to embarrass her and on the other hand a man walking for the same interview would be asked to work longer, relocate and assigned the most laborious job just because he is a man. Well dear readers this is the bitter truth about our corporate world today. Going by the age old perspective that women are more fragile and emotionally weak and men are strong and robust so they ought to be given more responsibility than a woman at work is what is still prevalent today. All such situations of gender discrimination or sexism can be found in every nook and cranny of today’s world. The corporate world too has a deep influence of it.

Most of us would have experienced this gender discrimination or “PREJUDICE” in one form or other without even noticing it. And if you are a woman you cannot stay untouched by this at all from the day you are born in this world. A recent study shows that more than 33% of women have experienced sexism and sexual harassment at work. And the worst part is that we have a large population to just look around like a mute spectator. A big question that arises is that while men still continue to rule the corporate world with top management positions why women rarely get an opportunity with lots of painstaking efforts and struggle. Why in almost every top management position we find 4 out of 5 managers to be men?

The above question has a pretty simple, easy and short answer. Ours is a patriarchal society and the same is reflected in our corporate sector too. Men were a part of work culture since long and continue to dominate and hold an important position. We have undoubtedly seen many massive changes in terms of women empowerment post our independence. We now don’t restrict women to just be home makers or take up a small ordinary teaching job. If we are instilling big dreams to become top managers in our women why don’t we let them sweat out for that? They have the full right to work and get the desired applauds and praises for their efforts put in.

But alas, instead of all this what we do is question women about their future plans, their maternity leaves and what not. Thinking that a woman who comes back after a maternity leave is less efficient and she should be given less tasks and responsibility is one big myth. Studies show that women are very efficient in multi managing the household as well as their corporate roles far better than men. Most of the time women are mistreated during their business meetings often being overshadowed by strong robust men who don’t let them voice their opinions and ideas. The wide salary gap between a male and female employee and denied promotions and favors say it all. Treating women as an inferior sex is what this patriarchal society has been doing since long.

So who needs to be blamed for this? The answer is society and our upbringing. Over the recent years the way to bring up girls has changed but the way we bring our boys has seen no change and thus they are brought up thinking that men are superior to women and  they are inferior to them and can only do small useless jobs. But this mind set needs to be changed. The top B schools in the country have residential campuses where there is no gender discrimination or biasing taking place and men and women compete equally among themselves. This is something that should be taught or rather inculcated in every management student who aspires to enter the corporate world. Women who face sexism and harassment should report it and not hesitate to report the unpleasant touch and step towards them. We can only hope that we see no sexism in the years to come and women and men are treated equally on the basis of the efficiency of the work done by them.

So, let’s salute all those women who braved all the odd conditions of sexism and still outshone the men who tried to belittle her and hope this slowly gets wiped off from the corporate world. In the end I would like to say that though “she may be little, but she’s fierce”. So don’t underestimate the women in the corporate sector as they have the power to compete with you and maybe even out power you.