Sexism In the Corporate World- Mind the Touch!!

What is sexism? As per Wikipedia, Discrimination against a person based on their gender; expecting a person of a gender to fall in a particular gen

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What is sexism?

As per Wikipedia, Discrimination against a person based on their gender; expecting a person of a gender to fall in a particular gender role.

Does it confine only to corporates?

My answer would be NO. Not to blame all Multi-National companies, where many of them have strict enforcement of law and well drafted framework to suppress such atrocities but there are still some examples that leave us behind to think.

When I come across articles on sexism where people hide the original character’s name, who faced the heat and victim of sexism, I wonder whether it really takes place or just a publicity through paper.

Much to my surprise, I was shocked when I realized it happens to be true when one of my friend who works for a Pharma Firm in Bangalore, one of the foremost developed IT – HUBs in India, shared her bad experience in grief.

The point worth to be noted is that Sexism doesn’t have a boundary. It doesn’t matter how well the city is developed or how remotely the village is located, it doesn’t confine to developed country or developing nation, it doesn’t have caste or creed, it doesn’t depend on the country policies or city’s economic growth. What matters is the people’s attitude towards it and companies policies in curbing it. Not to

I was also startled to hear that it also doesn’t have gender difference when a friend of mine who works for a reputed IT organization confessing in a social networking site that he is being harassed by peers who happens to be women on work grounds.

In my belief, this doesn’t limit to newly inducted employees in company but there has been instances where a Director Head of an MNC looking over operations in London faced false sexist remark from her top management and eventually ending up filing up and winning law suit against them.

Reasons for Ever growing Sexism Incidents

One of the reasons being weak policies framed by the company and people taking advantage of it. Many budding companies aspiring to become successful companies in the market have the tendency to forget that policies of that kind could be a major hurdle to their growth. Such incidents not only earn bad name to the company but also hinder its growth opportunities.

Another reason being people being coward to report to their top management because of anticipating some kind of threat from the guilty of such act.

Here I write some of the ways to overcome such cruel acts but not prescribing any company to adopt them but just a suggestion that can be taken.

  • Company should provide a proper channel , transparency and safe way to express their grievances to the top management
  • Should instill courage in the employees by ensuring proper safety to the employee who reported such instances by not revealing identity.
  • By conducting awareness programs especially during induction training.
  • By creating a grievances cell that includes top management and employees of all ages and genders.
  • Top management should include its commitment to ensure safe work environment in its policies
  • Should develop framework to ensure proper review and addressing of the grievances and stringent actions such as expelling from work and bad conduct certificate in order to refrain him/her joining in other companies.


Having said that Sexism doesn’t confine itself to corporates, then why corporates matters the most. In an emerging country like India, where Corporate companies matters the most and key drivers of the economy and also ambassadors of our country’s integrity , symbol of respect and resemblance of country’s character.

Economy and development of our country is directly linked with the productivity and quality from its resources. Productivity and quality is in a way related to the work safety. Any resource joining the company will look at how safe the work environment is. If the company fails to provide a safe work environment for its employees, they might end up losing a valuable resource and there are cases where companies had to shut down their operations because of their failure to provide safe work practices.

Many successful companies have policies like listed above and ensure strict enforcement of it and only those companies will achieve success which realize that ensuring safe work environment is one of their key parameters.

To conclude no matter how concrete the policies are, how committed the top management is, incidents like those cannot be eliminated completely but it’s the change in the attitude of the people that helps us achieve “ZERO SEXISM COMPLAINTS”.