Shyam and Subah – The Two Shades of Outbound…

I have to be honest that at the start I wasn’t too fascinated by the concept of 200 people being taken to a used up resort for 2 days of really dragge

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I have to be honest that at the start I wasn’t too fascinated by the concept of 200 people being taken to a used up resort for 2 days of really dragged out team building exercises. The name ‘Surya Shibir’ didn’t really help the case either.. Nor did all the negative and cranky feedback we got to hear from a different institute guys and girls.

The big day finally arrived, with us miraculously being able to report to the main campus by 5.30 A.M. After having heard endless streams of lecturers and ahem..committees telling us to adhere to deadlines, it came as an annoying shocker that the buses had still not moved post 7.30 A.M. After few more donkey year minutes, the bus cranked to life and 2 hours later,

The outing mates!

The outing mates!

we were at the gates of the strangely named resort. It was pleasantly nothing like I thought it would be! The entire property was located on the sloppy edges of the catchment area of Pansheth Dam and was smartly planned with optimal usage of space. About 10 of us were put up in a cavernous hall with about 40 beds. Our hall was located at the highest point in the property, high above rest of the cascading levels of different rooms and facilities. The icing on the cake was the long corridor cum balcony which overlooked the entire catchment area with towering hills beyond it. .We had to freshen up and report at the mini amphitheatre.

Once there, we were split into 8 groups and we were treated to a set of team and value building exercises which were stimulating and went on till evening .All the groups were asked to prepare a performance for a chill out session later in the night. We later performed a medley of songs, which was rather hastily prepared. Post dinner, a good number of guys and girls gathered at our fantastic room for a chilled out session of jamming which went on for a while.

Early next morning, we in a groggy state, were whisked off on a trek to the top of the neighboring hill and it was simply sublime and awe inspiring. We descended down the hill and reached the resort where we have a well deserved and hearty breakfast. There was an introduction session which was redundant as most of us already knew each other.  This went on for a little while and at the end of this session, it was time to go.

I wish there was no cap on the number of pages that could be written about the OBL session. But since there is, I would like to wrap it up by saying that it was a unpredictably wonderful experience that I would lap up any time it were to make a swing by me.


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    I like it! Feel like going back!