SIIB Hosts Imprints 2013

SIIB Hosts Imprints 2013

SIIB New Campus It’s never too late to get back to your roots. Be it the corporate world or real life experience, it is always good to rely on the pas

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It’s never too late to get back to your roots. Be it the corporate world or real life experience, it is always good to rely on the past for guidance of the future. Even in business schools, the alumni or pass outs from the previous batches are one of the most credible sources of information when it comes getting a sneak peek into the corporate sector.

At SIIB, alumni relations are important. We encourage our students to interact with the alumni to seek guidance and use their presence in diverse categories to catalyze their industry interface approaches.  In fact, SIIB proactively organizes several programs where the students get a chance to connect with the alumni and enhance their learning. One of SIIB’s most celebrated events is the alumni meet that the institution hosts every year. Going back to your alumni and making them relive their college days is the best way to make them feel special. True to this belief, SIIB students look forward to organizing Imprints. After all, these meets may be a small chapter when treated individually. But look at it in totality and it indeed leaves an imprint of the thousands of joyous memories that SIIB has built in its students across its two decades old journey.

As part of this program, Imprints or the alumni get together is hosted across three different countries-Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. In each of these places, a special dedicated team of SIIB representatives comprising of a combination of students and faculty, gear up to invite alumni from across different regions and plan an outing that helps them relive their lovely college memories. Year on year, Imprints has been propagating the brand SIIB and its excellence in academic training through the alumni. The regular meet-ups with the alumni have helped establish a reliable bond that continues to be a crucial connect to the different segments of the corporate sector.

Imprints 2013 started with a bang as team SIIB hosted the first alumni meet of the year In Delhi on 4th August at Tivoli gardens amidst the august presence of our new director-Ms. Pratima Shoerey. The meet-up received an overwhelming response with alumni pouring in from all corners to make the evening a memorable outing. The alumni shared experience and special memories from their college days and caught up on the many changes that their times had undergone. In fact, the students from the current batch made the most of the opportunity and interacted with the alumni in an open environment.  It was a refreshing experience that brought back the nostalgia of old college days for some and a brief glimpse of the exciting careers that awaited at the end of their program at SIIB for the others. SIIB has already hosted the second chapter of Imprints in Mumbai on 11th August and was once again greeted by the overwhelming love and affection of its alumni in and around the city. The next meet up for Bengaluru is due on the 1st September early next month.

The success of such meets reaffirms our belief in our system of treasuring every alumnus as an asset for a lifetime. Given the constant love and appreciation of our alumni, we are positively looking at increasing the frequency of such meets in order to create a one of its kind interactive platform where knowledge sharing opens new windows of opportunities.