SIIB hosts unique Agribusiness festival-Agri fest Spring 2013

SIIB hosts unique Agribusiness festival-Agri fest Spring 2013

Symbiosis Institutes are amongst the few business schools in the country to hold the distinction of being able to offer superior quality education. An

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Agri-Fest 2013Symbiosis Institutes are amongst the few business schools in the country to hold the distinction of being able to offer superior quality education. An MBA in Pune aspiration is shared by almost every student stepping out of graduation. But this aspiration is incomplete till it includes the name of Symbiosis Institutes. Symbiosis Institute of International Business is among’st the premier educational institutes in the country that are a part of the Symbiosis banner. Starting out as an institute for MBA in International Business, the SIIB curriculum now includes an MBA in Energy and Environment  and MBA in Agribusiness as well. In fact, for the Agribusiness patrons, SIIB is one of the best college for agriculture. But being in the league of top MBA schools in the country, SIIB has the onus of constantly innovating within itself to ensure that the students get a fertile learning environment.

Even for the MBA in Agribusiness program, SIIB  gives equal relevance to finance, policy understanding, supply chain management and other relevant details. At a later stage of this program, SIIB also focuses on exploring the realms of rural marketing to increase the relevance of the agribusiness domain in the urban India.The program comes as a respite to thousands of aspirants wanting to pursue their interest in the agriculture sector.

The training for SIIB’s MBA in Agribusiness does not end at the classroom sessions and academics only. Like the other Symbiosis Institutes, SIIB is also a patron of the modern technique of educating students. This innovation includes coupling the academic training with relevant industry exposure, seminars and even other extra curricular activities. Yes! These extra curricular activities are an integral part of the training program at the top MBA schools like SIIB. After all, the environment at a B school has to be supportive to be able catalyze the temperament towards proactive thinking.

The unique Agribusiness festival-Agri fest Spring 2013, hosted at SIIB is also an initiative in this direction to give the Agribusiness enthusiasts an opportunity to  witness the opinion of industry experts, ask their questions and get insights into the current scenario in the agribusiness domain. The participants at the festival gave the audience an insight into the latest in the Agribusiness sector, the impact it is having on the Indian economy and the road ahead for agrarian economy.

SIIB’s expertise is a result of the constant effort and dedication that the institute has invested in ensuring the best of academicians in the country coming down to teach its students. In fact, recently SIIB hosted the Agri fest Spring 2013 festival on 13th March organized and managed entirely by the students of the Agribusiness batch.  The unique initiative focused on the relatively unexplored sectors of agribusiness. These sectors included rural tourism, floriculture and others as well.

Given the pivotal role that agriculture plays in shaping the economy, schools like SIIB will be crucially involved  in maintaining this pace of growth by supporting it with an industry ready talent pool.


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    Aaruna Sridharan 9 years

    I have heard a lot about SIIB….not sure about the agribusiness part but nevertheless….I agree that agribusiness holds a lot of promise for the future….What are the kind of profiles that we can expect as part of the agribusiness program ???Please share a few details..

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      Hi Aaruna,
      At SIIB, MBA-Agri Business Management is a sector specific course which moulds managers for the fast growing Agri Sector. The roles offered to Agri Business Managers range from Agri Procurement, Logistics, Planning, Agri Consulting etc. For a detailed list of companies which pick Agri Business managers please visit