SIIB – The Journey has Begun……

SIIB – The Journey has Begun……

3rd of June, a new beginning was set, Bundle of joy and surprises that I was supposed to get. SIIB was calling, for a brand new start, Went towar

Gig Economy and Crowdsourcing
Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy
Making of Sustainable Business Strategies

College Main Building3rd of June, a new beginning was set,
Bundle of joy and surprises that I was supposed to get.
SIIB was calling, for a brand new start,
Went towards it, lurch in the stomach, a rush in d heart..


Expectations were high, a goal in mind,
I knew MBA wasn’t going to be kind.
First step in, a new world lay ahead,
It will be a tough two years, everyone had said..


So all of us were ready, ready to begin,
The gruel of SIIB and the life within..
Induction in the ‘audi’, a new director for us,
Got all things into our head, without much of a fuss..


Introduction sessions in the audi, called the Induction week,
Got to know about the dudes and the college geek.
The outbound was next, the breaking of the ice,
Two amazing days, pretty good, very nice..


Full of adventure sports and numerous fun games,
We slowly started recognizing people by their names..
We had song and dance for the ‘chill out’ night,
What a show it was, a marvellous sight..


Many bonds were made, and many to be,
Those cherishable memories, the  moments of glee..
The happy moments over, the charge to our grey cells,
Got to learn the market, and how a product sells.


Began the first week, official beginning of our classes,
Our Economics sir was an instant hit with the masses..
Stats looked tough, Ma’am initially gave us a scare,
Coming without books or ‘calcis’, you shouldn’t even dare..


Finance and Accounting, our minds completely swirled,
For Engineers United, it was a completely new world..
Market research method classes were like a piece of cake,
Marketing Sir with his unique quizzes kept us wide awake..


Learning in EXIM and FTP never came to an end,
With smileys and ‘Thursday Tadka’, always came our friend..
HR activities are so ‘interesting’, so full of fun,
For some of my classmates, this might be a pun..


‘Data Driven’ always makes us drive that extra mile,
Appreciation or scolding, Ma’am does it with ‘that’ smile.
Formation of committees and selections that were held,
Being part of a team, with pride our hearts swelled.


We will put in the efforts and bear the sweet pain,
We budding Managers, our efforts won’t go in vain..
Full of ‘Dyanamicity’ and a logo newly designed,
We are heading to the place where we have been destined..


With a sense of belief and confidence all along,
Reaching the top of the ladder, where we always belong.
We will get to the top, and remain there forever,
This two year journey, will be a nice one to remember.

– By Sushmit Mukerji