SIIB: Where Learning goes Beyond the Classroom

SIIB: Where Learning goes Beyond the Classroom

“When we are active, we become stronger and more energetic. This in turn, makes us more positive and self-confident. It’s a powerful cycle.”, says Ern

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“When we are active, we become stronger and more energetic. This in turn, makes us more positive and self-confident. It’s a powerful cycle.”, says Ernest Cadorin.

For an individual to flourish holistically, it is imperative to think vividly, act promptly, and apply wisely. To ensure this, SIIB offers its students a chance to be a part of various clubs and committees wherein they can showcase their talent and hone their skills.

The Corporate Relations Team which works directly under the guidance of Dr. Asmita Chitnis – Director of SIIB, has a twofold responsibility of engaging with the corporate world as well as with the internal stakeholders, i.e., the students. It works day in and day out to bring the industry leaders for the Summer Internship Program as well as the Placement season.

The Alumni Relations Committee works to strengthen the bonds between the institute and the alumni. Apart from undertaking this major responsibility, it also organizes events like Imprints and Anusmruti.

The Public Relations and Media committee is responsible for building the “Brand SIIB”. From planning campaigns, organizing and covering various events, to facilitating the institute’s communication through online and offline mediums, the committee acts as a bridge between the institute and the outside world.

Apart from these three core committees, there is an opportunity for the students to be a part of the following clubs:

  • Kshitij: The Institutional Responsibility Initiative (ISR) program which enables students to broaden their horizons through community work that deals with environmental and social imperatives.
  • Entrepreneurship Cell: This club helps promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students and aims at developing their risk-taking abilities.
  • SPARSH: The Student Activity Committee of SIIB aims at developing the expertise of the students on current affairs as well as on academia, particularly through weekly quizzes, management competitions, public speaking and more.
  • The SIIB Sports Committee which is responsible for major events like the Independence Cup, Futsal, Symbiosis Premier League (SPL) and SIU Tournaments.
  • Drishyam: Theatre Society of SIIB gives the students a platform to display their acting skills, as well as their expertise in script writing and direction.
  • iBeats: The Dance Society of SIIB has the in-house energizers who mesmerize the crowd with their moves in several events.
  • Richman & Co.: The music society of SIIB comprises a talented bunch that amazes the crowd with its enthralling melodies.
  • Ignisense: The team has creative minds who are responsible for organising the college fest. Apart from that, it organises management events and sports events which keep the students excited and engrossed.

Only when people engage in activities they are not mandated to do but do them out of sheer will, they can learn in the truest sense and expand their horizons. Thus, the students grab the opportunities provided by the institute to the best of their abilities and work towards overall development of the self.