The First 25% of MBA.

“Instances” – A single word enough to define what is life? At this moment when I think of my first semester of MBA at SIIB, I can Just remember certai

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“Instances” – A single word enough to define what is life? At this moment when I think of my first semester of MBA at SIIB, I can Just remember certain instances.

The first day when you arrive at the campus to begin a new phase of life, a new hostel, a new room and a new set of roommates.  The curiosity to meet new people, whom you are going to spend the next couple of years with is always thrilling and enchanting. We meet people from different cultures; different languages and you feel the beauty of our country i.e. a sense of unity in spite of a huge diversity. After a week in the program, the outbound session comes. The journey to a beautiful place via the Western Ghats was mesmerizing. It is said that sometimes the journey has more memories than the destination, well true indeed. The place filled up with adventure sports gave us chances to know each other well for years to come. The bonding which might have taken days to happen in a classroom happened in a matter of minutes on that program. Returning back to college after such wonderful chain of events was indeed painful. Days passed and happy memories remained in the hearts of people about the outbound.

Then came the full fledged curriculum of MBA, which is known to be hectic and demanding at the same time. Initially it was a tough game for people who working for several years to get back into the classroom style of teaching. A lot of subjects to cover but job made easy by the teachers putting in the right efforts and teaching methodology. The typical day included classrooms, presentations and sometimes evaluations. It was not too long that the students went into the study mode, a chance to prove themselves better than the others came, The selection procedure into various committees headed by the Placecom, Alcom, PR Media and the Spotscom. Students tried to prove their mettle in demanding rounds like Group Presentations, Write-ups and Personal Interviews. At last some good ones got the opportunity to represent particular committees.

Being the 25th batch of the college, we were fortunate enough to witness the Silver Jubilee celebrations of SIIB. Hon. Railway Minister of India graced the occasion with his auspicious presence. The attraction of the event was the classical music concert by world famous musicians.

As it is said that MBA is not only about the classroom learning, various different kind of events began to line up giving chance to students to experience different aspects of on field learning. Designing various competitions, getting up sponsorship, setting up the right promotion strategy and gathering audience for particular events were the major tasks that gave the opportunity to learn through experiences. Starting From the HR conclave to Model United Nations, we had fests of about every specialization like Finanza, Marketing Fest, Aarohan, Enecon and Agri Summit. SIIB’s flagship event, The Leadership Series also took place with eminent speakers giving their on the blue economy.

The batch at SIIB consists of students from all across the country, which helps us to learn different cultures as a family. Celebrations of various festivals in the campus like Onam, Navratri and Ganesh Chaturthi, organized by the members of that particular committee in their original essence was a beautiful experience. It gave opportunity to every student to enjoy the cultural diversity and get to know more about the traditions of their peers.

With all the daily schedules and chain of other events the batch became a family and time passed very quickly. We were headed towards the coming placement session followed by the exam session. The best part of hostel life is the group studies in which every student contributing in one way or the other. With every passing exam, a shy of relief came to each and every student.

The semester passed with fresh and lovely memories, eagerly waiting for the next 75% of the MBA life.