MBA in many ways is like the Product Life Cycle Theory (the end of course totally depends on yourself!). There is the initial introduction and enthusi

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MBA in many ways is like the Product Life Cycle Theory (the end of course totally depends on yourself!). There is the initial introduction and enthusiasm which is derived by meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and sharing of new ideas and thoughts. There is then the growth phase where you envision yourself as a superman dabbling yourself in numerous quizzes, case study events, B-Plan competitions, simulation contests and even worse – tirelessly attending the umpteen selection processes of the innumerable committees in your institute (no offence!) etc. You set yourself a battle against time completing numerous assignments, evaluations, deadlines for multiple subjects etc. All these (supposedly) makes us vampires who are sleep deprived ready to conquer the world of business (at least we think so!). People scamper here and there for the right words for their resume, searching for the ways in which they can balance their past deeds and karma set right by completing numerous certifications and live projects thereby portraying themselves as Mr Perfect!


Here is where the change in routes happens. Some choose to continue on the route called “stabilize” after they have secured their SIP’s, having reset their priorities and reframing their daily course of actions. Academics take centre stage either due to poor internals or due to indulgence in too many extracurricular activities. Some go into the “stable” stage when the SIP’s take some time to materialize. These are the people who turn philosophical in nature, having seen the numerous ups and downs in these few months. The riches of experience, however, are unparalleled for them in terms of how to handle success and failure.


We are at this crucial juncture of this exciting journey filled with thrills and chills, excitements and disappointments, tales of friendship & betrayal etc. This eventually makes us do crazy things! Yes, I mean it!! The most visited pages in the newspaper changes from the sports and entertainment column to the stocks, business and financial columns! Instead of observing the beautiful actress in your favourite ads, you tend to observe the hidden persuasive methods, the type of communication, consumer psychology behaviour model adopted and analyze a 10-second ad critically noting the various nuances and intricacies present! You tend to find cheat codes and shortcuts for excel rather than counter-strike! CNBC, Bloomberg, NDTV Profit etc. becomes more interesting than your usual web series and sitcoms! Time spent in the library is more than that spent in your favourite hangout spots. The topper of them all: you start to closely observe IPO’s, open your own De-Mat accounts and have sleepless nights over the rise or fall of your favourite stocks! If you have observed any one of these, Welcome to the world of B-School buddy!


Now, why the heck did I name this article “Rains of Pune”?! For a person from the southern part of India coming to this city, he will be naturally learning management without going to any institute as he has to constantly keep tabs with the weather and the clouds in the months from June-September (October in a few cases!) Gosh!! It keeps on raining! And the funniest part is that you cannot predict its arrival! You need to plan in advance your stepping out to the college, your umbrellas, ensuring the dryness of your clothes etc. It is just abrupt without any warning whatsoever! MBA in many ways is quite similar to the rains of Pune. It prepares you for the worst, makes you plan dynamically taking several constraints into consideration and keeps you on your toes, alive and kicking. At the end of all this, the gentle breeze and the sound of drizzling does make us livelier and happy! Similarly, your journey in B-School is interspersed with those tiny little moments of joy like sharing a chai over your besties at around 2AM, winning a hard-fought case, when you actually tally your final accounts: P


You can’t make positive discoveries that make your life better if you never try anything new. MBA nudges you to think out of the box and expand your horizons and vistas. It is more than just the 4 walls of the classroom. You actually learn existing problems and apply solutions to it rather than derive some age-old theorems which would be irrelevant in the current scenario.


Half – knowledge they say is dangerous! We are approaching the halfway stage of this madness called MBA! Before we realize, we are a semester old! More than anything else, it is these small moments which we treasure and cherish for times to come. Reliving those memorable events brings a smile on our face!


Here’s to more such chaos and pandemonium ahead of us! Cheers!!!!






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    Normally I don’t read full article. But this one contains some of my MBA experience. I am not good with words but you did it well in this article. Kudos!?