The Story Behind New SIIB Logo

The Story Behind New SIIB Logo

Symbiosis Institute of International Business is one of the leading B schools of the country that strives to deliver academic excellence year on year

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SIIB LogoSymbiosis Institute of International Business is one of the leading B schools of the country that strives to deliver academic excellence year on year through its post graduate programs. The logo is a resemblance of this tireless pursuit of excellence by SIIB and clearly highlights the core belief of the institution which is to drive a perpetual metamorphosis that catalyzes a transformation of students to evolve into global business managers. While upfront the logo symbolizes the three specializations offered at SIIB, the three shields used in this representation also indicate the paramount efforts, discipline and dedication that SIIB invests in its pursuit of academic excellence. Each of the three shields is a representation of the niche specialization that is currently being offered at SIIB. The centrally located maroon colored shield with a Globe symbolizes the International Business program-the flagship program being conducted at SIIB, and its importance in today’s ever evolving global business scenario.

The green colored shield on the left with the symbol of leaves is a representation of the MBA in Agribusiness specialization at SIIB while the blue colored shield on the right with its symbol of a wind mill represents the MBA in Energy and Environment program. In each of these shields, the color coding and symbolic representation helps the viewer to develop an instant connect with the specializations being offered at SIIB and at the same time distinctly points out the Symbiosis legacy of transcendence in the academic domain. Lastly, the olive branch supporting the three shields in the SIIB logo is an ancient Greek symbolization of victory. It depicts the success that SIIB has achieved in delivering maestros across all its programs through its rigorous academic training, innovative teaching methodology and a holistic learning environment.

The graphical representation of this logo in completeness is able to clearly impress upon the viewer the diverse domains catered to at SIIB and the rich legacy of academic excellence that the college continues to carry forth in all its endeavors.


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    Tushar 9 years

    Great explanation for the new logo.

    I would suggest two things .. 1. please consider printing this logo in black/white once. there may be a need for you to get in a border around the three leaves.

    2. the three pillar messaging currently speaks from an inside out perspective of what the institute offers. This means that any extensions to the offerings could get confusing. It would be better if the three pillars were translated into a value message.. like..Global Citizenship, Social Consciousness and Environmentally Responsible these would help pillar a whole host of messaging for the SIIB brand, the values that it inculcates and will could yield a lot of content for the future marketing efforts from the student intake as well as overall thought leadership messaging in student workshops.

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    KSHITIJ GAUTAM 9 years

    Its good to have a new look for the logo…at first stance it looks good….and congrats for all those who have put their efforts for this new look logo…… would it not had been better if we would have had India in the center of globe…

    • comment-avatar
      admin 9 years

      Dear Kshitij,

      Thanks for your guidance…
      We have changed the Logo as per the comment received from your end.

  • comment-avatar

    I love how each element in this old logo tell our vision 🙂