Once upon a time there were two bird catchers. They use to go to the jungle, catch the birds and sell them to the villagers. One bird catcher was very

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SIIBOnce upon a time there were two bird catchers. They use to go to the jungle, catch the birds and sell them to the villagers. One bird catcher was very rich and widely respected in the village. He had kept employees who use to catch birds for him. His strategy was to get the most beautiful birds which were generally female birds with beautiful feathers. These birds used to sing beautifully for her new born children and this used to help his men identify them. They use to catch these birds, clip their wings and sell them to entertainers, circus folks etc.., these people indeed use to make them sing day and night for money with threats for food or by means of torture. But this business use to fetch good profits and everyone in the organization was rich and the owner was a powerful man with big car, house and all the luxuries. His wife and kids use to enjoy a lot. However, there were times when his kids use to disappear for nights together with their friends and use to come home drunk. Also his wife use to go clubbing and wouldn’t return sometimes at nights. As He himself use to do the same, he couldn’t ask his wife where she had been. Also he had married her because she gave him a heavy amount for his business during his marriage which he knew was the reason he was so successful and rich. Her father was also the powerful man of the town and so her feared saying anything to her. He was rich and powerful beyond measure, yet he use to feel like something is missing in his life. He use to get annoyed time to time but never knew why and use to live with a frown on his head, scolding and abusing people to show his power which was the only thing that used to make him feel good.

The second bird catcher was a funny and a curious man. People could never understand him as he used to be always smiling and cracking jokes in spite of his poor living conditions. He had one son with whom he used to go and catch birds which could not fly due to some injury or were too old to fly. And he use to trade these bird with children and women who could not pay so much for them but wanted to have these birds as pets to care and look after them. His son use to be the best student in his class and a very responsible chap. He use to wake up his father every day, wash is feet, help him in hunting whenever he could, go to school and come back and do his homework. His father was very proud of him. Also this bird catcher had a wife who loved him deeply and understood his needs before he could even say anything. In spite of having less finances, his wife never felt bad or grumbled about it but when sometimes he used to feel bad that he couldn’t provide her more, she used to console him by saying ‘there is enough’. The three of them use to love and cherish one another. The bird catcher never felt annoyed or angry and use to smile all the time. Some people use to call him foolish and senile and often wondered how he made such less profits where the other bird catcher whom they respected and feared could make so much money. Some people use to also ignore him, some used to be sweet on his face but loved to talk behind his back. But in spite of knowing all this, he used to treat everyone the same and use to help them whenever they needed his help.  He often use to crack jokes and make people laugh. People use to laugh at him and he used to love watching them laugh. Some people use to come to him and ask how could he even live this way, he use to say ”I am a guest here.. why shall I worry??”