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An MBA in Pune aspiration is one of the basic steps to getting into the corporate sector. But the skill set of a good business is not something that

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An MBA in Pune aspiration is one of the basic steps to getting into the corporate sector. But the skill set of a good business is not something that you acquire overnight. At Symbiosis, we believe that the post graduate programs need to prepare students for the future. From then basics of  textbook to the intricacies of the real time corporate working, students need to learn. Symbiosis Institutes have been pioneers in implying the technique of innovative learning . As part of the MBA in International Business or the MBA in Energy & Environment, the participants are exposed to the industry across platforms like internship, live projects, etc. But the training alone doesn’t make Symbiosis Institutes leaders in providing quality education. We also insist on the participants of the MBA in Pune program to take part in several social welfare causes.
This is done through the several good will projects operations under the Symbiosis banner or with the NGO’s that Symbiosis Institutes are closely associated to. Being among’st the top MBA schools in the country, SIIB has emerged as a leader in taking such unique initiatives. Through such welfare activities, Symbiosis attempts to familiarize the students with the issues at grass root level. In the long run, this activity is said to introduce within the future manager an aptitude for humility and therefore take socially responsible business decisions. After all, the future managers that pass out through programs like MBA in International Business, MBA in Energy & Environment are expected to work towards a healthier and happier tomorrow.  
Recently, the students from SIIB were a part of one such unique initiative. As part of this activity the your MBA aspirants from Symbiosis traveled to the interiors of Wakad with a unique mission. This mission was to propagate the cause of computer literacy in the relatively underprivileged students. During the course of their lessons, the Symbiosis students proactively took English classes for the students. Learning without understanding practicality is of no use-this is one of the core belief of every Symbiosis students. So, the young managers decided to work efficiently. The students were going to get theory and practical sessions especially for the computer classes.    
But that was not the end of the road for challenges. On their First visit to their computer Lab, the students found the computers in dismal condition. Well, Symbiosis never teaches you to give up. The students double their efforts and started to do the minor repairs. As a result, 4 of the 6 computers were operational. In fact, this was a long term benefit as students continue to use these systems. 
Focusing on understanding the knowledge that the students already had, further sessions were planned and the teaching began. They knew that Computer is very important for them and for their growth, but did not know what they should know about the computer. They were not familiar with the words like software and hardware.
 So, the work began. Future managers educating the future aspirants! Introducing the students to terminologies, basic software functions and the pointers about the computer that they needed to know, the Symbiosis students covered as much as they could. The lecture concluded with a doubt solving  session.
All in all, the soon to be MBA pass outs came back very happy. They had learnt a lot and above all had become a part of a good deed that they would cherish for life.