There and back again – an Outbound Tale!!

There and back again – an Outbound Tale!!

The outbound session, part of the Induction session for a Symbiosis student occurs on a weekend just after the commencement of college. For us, the st

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The outbound session, part of the Induction session for a Symbiosis student occurs on a weekend just after the commencement of college. For us, the students of SIIB, the Outbound session was scheduled for 12th and 13th of June, 2015.


Batch 2015-2017 at Surya Shibir

Everyone was assembled and ready for the trip right in the morning on 12th and we left in good time. The journey through the Western Ghats was beautiful and exposed us to the rich natural heritage in and around Pune.

We reached the Surya Shibir resort at about 10.30 am and after a sumptuous breakfast, 200 students were divided into two groups. One group left for the trek and the other stayed at the resort for management games.

I was in the group that went for the trek on the first day. The trek   was definitely a challenging and exhausting one, but made fun by the bonding that occurred not just with people from IB but also AB and E & E. and of course, eating berries at the summit turned out to be the cherry on the cake.

Post lunch, there was an ice breaking session that consisted of students taking interviews of their batchmates and getting to know more about them. In this process, hidden talents of people came to the fore and were appreciated by all.

The most interesting part of the evening was the chill-out session which was held in the evening. For this, each of the 8 groups had to prepare something entertaining. A couple of musicians had brought their guitars as well and the entire session turned out to be a wonderful setting in the cool evening air of the locale.

The next day my group was scheduled for management games and adventure activities. This began with a couple of fun races, in which my team emerged victorious. There were 4 such games here that were designed to make the team work together and form strategic plans.

Thereafter there were adventure activities like Burma Bridge and Valley Crossing. While a lot of people were apprehensive at first, everyone finally managed to complete the tasks, with the help and encouragement of their team members.

After breakfast, there were games of strategic planning that made the team understand its strengths and weaknesses and formulate plans using this information. My team had good diversity in terms of having participation from all 3 programs of SIIB as well as in terms of the people themselves having diverse strengths and weaknesses. We managed to understand the games well and plan accordingly. Unfortunately, while the games were on, it started to rain heavily and the outdoor games had to be cut a little short. But we did play for as long as possible and got drenched in the process.

Post lunch, there were indoor games which dealt with the importance of communication and marketing. The final game consisted of teams coming up with banners for SIIB, for the purpose of marketing the college to French students. A large number of interesting ideas came out of this and I felt that all students participated enthusiastically.

After a rigorous 2 days, we returned to SIIB a little wiser and very tired.