Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do MBA From SIIB.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do MBA From SIIB.

An MBA degree, or a Master Of Business Administration is a hot topic these days. It is expensive and very demanding and it also requires diligent effo

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An MBA degree, or a Master Of Business Administration is a hot topic these days. It is expensive and very demanding and it also requires diligent efforts to complete this course. SIIB a premier business school in Pune  has 3 main specializations

i)                    MBA in International Business

ii)                  MBA in Agribusiness

iii)                MBA in Energy And Environment

So why should we do MBA from SIIB. Here are the Top 5 reasons

1. It is a Business World

SIIB BlogMost graduates pursuing their career in a field are limited to a scope within their organization. They are technology dependent and do not have a clear visibility as to how other businesses are run.  With an MBA course students are made to understand the nuances of business. From understanding a balance sheet in finance to completing case based scenario for a blue chip company, students get a high level approach to solve business problems. SIIB pursuing MBA in pune, has students from varied backgrounds each year to understand the varied areas of market in ever growing business world. Students can grow from their technical world to a much broader and wider scope within MBA in SIIB.

2. From Novice To Expert

MBA course within SIIB, a premier symbiosis institute gives an opportunity to develop deep knowledge on various subjects. An MBA student develops that analytical ability that helps them to understand business processes, develop options to solve a problem and he/she always tries to understand the outcome in terms of business principles and overall business vision/mission of the company. For example a problem given to a technical guy would always revolve around that technology on which he/she is solving the problem. An MBA professional may think on a different perspective altogether. He may look as to how the business is getting benefitted and he/she may find thousands of other ways to solve the problem so as to save cost, time, resources,etc.

MBA in symbiosis, is boost to your career because of the industry aligned courses and the best students who compete in SNAP each year to get into SIIB.

3. SIIB nurtures Entrepreneurs

MBA is meant for people who could understand business, solve complex business problems and who could find the best possible way to make this world a better place. This is how SIIB also teaches and trains its students. Many students who do MBA in International business, MBA in agribusiness or MBA in energy and environment opt out of placements to begin their own start-up. Students who have done their own business during the past have been able to develop deep knowledge and have also developed deep rooted skills to nurture their favourite domains.

4. Super Networking And Communication abilities

Students flock from varied backgrounds to pursue their MBA dream. This gives them an opportunity to learn from each other. There are an ample amount of case studies, complex business problems, presentations which occur very regularly in the college. This gives a chance to students to know each other, understand their knowledge areas and gives a good amount of opportunity to learn from each other. For example: A student in agribusiness who suppose comes from an IT domain will seek to learn from a student who has done his bachelors from agriculture because agriculture or agribusiness would be a relatively new domain for an IT guy.

5. MBA in Symbiosis is a dream and aspiration

We have  learnt that in the last 20 years since our inception we have nurtured the best of students in the industry. Some are doing very well in top blue chip companies and some have become real successful entrepreneurs. This makes us proud to say that today every student who aspires for SNAP exam every year during December wants to apply for SIIB. SIIB is a premier institute within Symbiosis family and we will be leading our way to the future with this motivation.

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