Understanding Agribusiness: Careers & Options

Understanding Agribusiness: Careers & Options

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. From sustaining the existing demands to becoming the driving force for related sectors, agriculture

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SIIB Agribusiness 2Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. From sustaining the existing demands to becoming the driving force for related sectors, agriculture in India is pivotal to the country’s future. With the coming of technology, agriculture sector has been growing at an exponential pace. Today, the farmer has access to hybrid seeds, best in quality fertilizer and several other facilities that make it easier for him or her to manage their produce. In fact, such is the advent of agriculture that it has evolved into a holistic business on its own. Yes! Agribusiness is the modernized version of agriculture that focuses on building a sustainable economy. In fact, the modernization has sparked a trend wherein Agribusiness has become an area that is specifically addressed through education programs as well. Today, there are institutes like Symbiosis Institute of International Business, that specialize in offering programs in the domain of Agribusiness.

Apart from the best in terms of academic training that the institute provides, there are several things that go into making them one of the best programs being offered in the country. But, when it comes to a program like MBA in Agribusiness, there are several doubts that people have. Will the course prove to be beneficial in the long run? Is it worth the financial investment? It is obvious to have such speculations for any MBA program. Given the current economic scenario, the MBA in Agribusiness participants will be amongst the most sought after people in the Industry. From marketing to trading, the MBA in Agribusiness covers a diverse range of topics in order to prepare the future managers for the ups and downs of the agriculture industry.

The role of a manager in Agribusiness is related to multiple aspects. Accordingly, the industry offers multiple roles to those wanting to enter the agribusiness domains. For those of you worrying about the career prospects after an MBA in Agribusiness, put your speculations to rest. There are plenty of opportunities that are waiting to be capitalized. You can choose from a series of interesting career option, which include the position of a research analyst, grain merchandiser, marketing and even the agriculture loan officer. A lot of people confuse the MBA in Agribusiness to be restricted to agriculture only. But this is a misconception. In the most simple terms the MBA in Agribusiness makes you eligible for a series of positions in the food and agriculture related industries.

The program at SIIB has been conceptualized keeping in mind these insights from the industry. Using a holistic approach, the MBA in Agribusiness covers a series of relevant topics through interactive modes of learning, live projects, etc. A clear result of this is seen in terms of the placement results that SIIB has been registering ever since the inception of this program.

A non corporate sector, the agribusiness domain has given clear signals indicating its requirement of dynamic managers to take charge of the situation and shape the growth in the future. In fact, the time is ripe for India to expedite its growth as a result of the fresh infusion of talent in the Agribusiness sector.