When you don’t have a job

Imagine the scenario when , college life is about to be over and our friends from all these years of college are moving in different directions . Some

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Imagine the scenario when , college life is about to be over and our friends from all these years of college are moving in different directions . Some are going abroad because daamnn! daddy got money .I  can imagine you coming home SRK style or girls transforming into *poo* from Pooja .Some of you will join sororities or become frat boys (please don’t).Some,very few, will make hot angrez girlfriends/boyfriends or lie about it . Friends will call you studs alongside getting annoyed of your just-got-it-in-a-year-yaar accents .But I, I salute you. You made it past baaju wali aunty jis scaring your parents like

“itna door bhej rahe ho ladke ko ?? vahi koi pasand karlega toh !Bhabhiji, bahar jaakar koi vaapas nahi aata ”

or ” Ab toh badi ho gayi h iski shaadi karvado .Bhaiya, Bahar jaakar ek baar broad thinking ho jaye fir Indian housewife banna tough h …”

Basically , you are going away from all this for at-least 2 years . Good life awaits you, my friend .( whaddup ,Kodgire reference!)

And now, for us poor Indians still living in India .With no income of our own and mummy daddy saying ghanta ! after amazing performance in college . We sit here, with wanderlust on our instagram and twitter profiles. Don’t get me wrong ! Some of our lot is still at a kinda manageable level. They have bagged good jobs in the metropolitan cities . which is pretty great  .They have updated their status from studying at hogwarts to placed on Facebook. Arguably , the most famous posts in the online community. They feel amazing after the hundred of comments and likes. Brownie points for thanking mom and dad .*They were not mad at me when I din’t get into IIT /IIM/those deemed universities.*

Well, all that matters is they love you now:)

And then the major trend , the MBA jawaans. Studying for years for a graduate degree wasn’t enough.Spending lakhs in a private college wasn’t enough.They are here to show you , they can do more ! These are usually the students who either studied something they didn’t love and MBA is the only thing that is going to get them closer to the jobs they want.

real life translation : all the engineers and doctors(mostly dentists, let’s be real ) , remember when you took up science. that sucked , didn’t it ?

Or they are the three year degree 20 year olds , oh! how being stupid (or extremely aware of your choices) in 10th has helped you .I envy you for having fun all your life . Damn you commercies and artsies  for being the cool ones in the long run.

M of the B of the A…! Here is hoping , paying and studying more , THIS TIME, gets you what you wanted:)

P.S. special mention to people doing specialization in their fields .God ! you guys have your shit together !

so ! everyone done, right ? well , that was fun !

wait, I have a feeling I started off writing about something else.

Can’t seem to recall.

Wait a second , I don’t fall into any of the categories .

Oh ya ! I don’t have a job, an approved admission in a masters university or the very worst, I am not even a fashion blogger.

Holy duck ! duck duck.

Oh, you know what I mean.

Everyone is moving on . I don’t want to go back home with a degree and nothing to do. Why didn’t I study a little harder . Maybe if I had, I would have a job by now or a reputable college. Uhh!!

This gap, I don’t know what to do. I wonder , why am I so scared.

Is it because I really want a job..?

” Umm no.” I reply to myself.

Do I really want to study more ?

” not particularly.”

For the first time, in many years , I am forced to think .

Damn ! my brain isn’t used to this kinda pressure.

So , of course I go to Google baba .I look up all the great leaders we have had , all the dreamers, the writers, the creators. How did they get where they were?

You know

Everyone says , I don’t want the regular – get a job , get married , have kids and die.


Isn’t that where everyone is heading ?


So, maybe this isn’t that bad.

Maybe if right now,  I don’t have anything , nowhere to be , nowhere to work, nowhere to move forward.

Imma take some time , Breathe.

I don’t have to follow the herd anymore. I can sculpt my life .

Sooo, What do I want to do that will satisfy me and keep me happy forever so that I never have to regret again and future me can thank the present me for being so thoughtful and smart.

hufff !! that’s a heavy question

That’s gonna take some deep thinking.

Thankgod , I have the time?


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    tanisha agrawal 6 years

    Thankyou ! 😀