Why should you choose Agribusiness Management

Agriculture being the backbone of the Indian economy is still categorized under the unorganized sector. One of the reasons for this is small scale

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Agriculture being the backbone of the Indian economy is still categorized under the unorganized sector. One of the reasons for this is small scale operations or marginal and fragmented land holdings. Other reasons include lower job security, flexible pricing and higher proportion of migrants. All of which make the life of an ordinary and small community of farmers vulnerable and prone to socio-economic-political and natural calamities. Farmers produce. That is their forte. But they are not able to market what they produce. There is a dire need for reform in agriculture sector, especially when it comes to the agriculture value chain. The only commodity on this planet where the producer has no say in deciding the price of it is agricultural commodity. Why?

If the nation has to “shine” its foundation has to be strong, and that is “agriculture”. Agriculture needs to get a corporate thrust, institutionalization of the efforts of farmers, channelization of their innovation and creativity, into something productive that would help enhance their standard of living in a parallel.

The Agribusiness Management at SIIB allows you to recognize these problems and cohesively bring them one platform to brainstorm with the brightest minds in the field to help our agriculture sector benefit. This sector has been growing at a rapid rate, since 2011. There is a growing need of professionals who know how to meander their way through these issues to produce tangible and intangible results. One of the only sectors where you can see inclusive growth is agriculture and this is the right time to tap this sector.

The ultimate objective is economic justice to these marginalized people who are, in a way, strategically thrown out to the periphery in a competitive world and with modern ways of development would be able to survive sustainably. A win-win strategy has to be put in place and that is only possible when producers and consumers both gain along with the environment.

With job security and assured income and the most imperative to materialize these aims, a better management framework, there will be a drop in migration, proper education, women welfare and so much more.

With these changes there will be a healthy balance in society. The Symbiosis community was conceived on the foundation of giving back to the community, working with the society for the betterment of all. Agribusiness management is a course that has the potential to give back to the society as a whole, while at the same time allowing students to achieve their full potential, being at SIIB these students have access to opportunities and resources that aren’t available at any peer universities. It is up to the students to make the most of this.