Why To Do MBA?

Why To Do MBA?

An MBA in International business or MBA in Energy & Environment are known to be relatively niche programs that offer students an opportunity to de

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An MBA in International business or MBA in Energy & Environment are known to be relatively niche programs that offer students an opportunity to develop their careers in a relatively unexplored realm. A graduation degree is pretty much the entry level qualification. However doing an MBA changes the game. Top MBA schools including the likes of SIIB have tailor made programs that cater extensively and exclusively to a category of students who wish to increase their academic qualification. Most of the times students stepping out of graduation aim for an MBA in Pune or plan to go to top notch places like Symbiosis Institutes. But this desire needs to be fine tuned further. Aiming for top MBA schools and not knowing why you are doing MBA can prove to be a fatal career move.


So prior to taking crucial decisions like entering into an MBA in Pune or opting for a Symbiosis program, spare time to analyze why is it that you want to do an MBA. The Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune is among’st the country’s top MBA schools that offers niche programs. But to be able to pursue these niche programs, students must share similar passion to excel in the chosen field. Therefore the admission process at Symbiosis is multi leveled to ensure that only those students with genuine interest get their deserving chance. In fact, it is very important for the students to be able to answer this question with confidence as it is one of the most frequently asked questions at the MBA interviews as well in any of the top MBA schools.

The different reasons to do an MBA are dependent on the future plans that the student has in mind. Here is a little primer about the basic reasons that motivate students to opt for places like Symbiosis Institutes and pursue their MBA in Pune dreams:

1. Career specialization

This is one of the most common reasons that motivates students to opt for an MBA. Usually, the post graduation phase is spent gaining experience and exposure through a job in the corporate sector. Those seeking further specialization in this area of work decide to take a sabbatical from the routine and pursue an MBA in places like Symbiosis Institutes.

2. Career Change

Yes! Believe it or not options like Symbiosis offer several programs that deal with different specializations and can therefore allow the students to contemplate a career change as well. So, even if you are an engineer and decide to opt for an MBA in International Business, you can plan a complete career change and that too successfully.

3. Entrepreneurship

One of the prime motivators to get into the MBA study mode is the desire to go independent and start your business. Places like Symbiosis lay special emphasis on the entrepreneurship development skills to nurture such talent.

4. To develop a leader’s skill set

Assuming leadership roles is tough. But if you have relevant exposure through institutes like Symbiosis, students can expect to undergo a complete transformation in their attempt to become successful managers of the future.