My Journey to SIIB

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The journey of an MBA program is lengthy and challenging, leading to a place in the corporate world. It begins with a vision, a goal to study at a top B-school, learn from excellent faculty, collaborate with talented peers, and land a career at a great organization. Admissions are followed by dedicated preparation because getting into a renowned B-school can be challenging. Some take breaks to pursue this, while others balance work or college education to find time for entrance exams and admission processes. From this viewpoint, a B-School becomes a crucial turning point in a student’s life. It imparts corporate etiquette and prepares students to face the demands of a fast-paced corporate life. With this understanding, I carefully shortlisted B-schools that fulfilled these prerequisites.

 Among my considerations, SIIB stood out due to factors and degrees of preparation. I joined a coaching institute to prepare for management tests as I started studying for competitive exams. I learned verbal ability, math, and logical reasoning at varying difficulty levels. I recognized specific patterns and difficulty levels and focused on SNAP and its questions.

Preparations for SNAP began as soon as I decided to pursue SIIB. Just as you’d gauge a pool’s depth before diving in, I understood the exam format before diving into studying. In early August, I submitted forms after noting important dates, question counts, attempts, and the number of colleges available through SNAP. After submitting, I grasped section and topic specific concepts, tried new questions, and noted formulas and tips for revising later.

Starting with Quantitative Ability, one of the most challenging areas, I moved on to Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability, essential sections. I participated in several topical, sectional, half-length, and full-length mock exams provided by SIU, SIIB, and other coaching facilities. These showed accuracy and time management matter in the SNAP exam. After taking several tests, I realized that the goal was to tackle only some questions and accurately answer the selected few.

When the day of the SNAP exam arrived, meticulous groundwork and the careful analysis of mock tests paid off. The paper was evenly divided into manageable and challenging sections, covering all topics in 60 questions. Within the allotted time, I answered 51 questions, eagerly awaiting the results and gearing up for the GEPI-WAT process. I’ll be candid—I wasn’t overly thrilled with my scores when they were announced in January, but I held onto the hope that the best was yet to come. The shortlist was announced, and I was selected to participate in SIIB’s GEPI-WAT Process. This renewed my determination to aim higher and once again strive for entry into the top B-school of my choice.

To be adequately prepared for the GEPIWAT process, I devoted time to reading books, staying updated with newspapers, and staying informed about global events. A particularly significant topic during this preparation period was the “G20 in India.” I recognized its potential relevance in business and management interviews and spent considerable effort understanding it. Moreover, I contemplated my areas of expertise and the MBA concentration I intended to pursue, reinforcing my claims with practical examples from my experience. Also, I revisited the courses from my undergraduate degree, anticipating that the panelists would be interested in my educational background. I thoroughly studied these aspects up to the day of my process, and eventually, the time came to secure my spot in the GEPIWAT process.

 The process began with the Written Ability Test (WAT), assessing our interpretation skills, and concluded with the Group Exercise and Personal Interaction (GEPI) process, where a diverse group of 10–12 participants engaged in a group discussion. We had two minutes to reflect on a topic before a ten-minute discussion. Afterward, individual Personal Interviews probed into our personality, expertise, and curiosity. The discussions encompassed fundamental and contemporary global trends, intending to evaluate our awareness and insight.

After a month of anticipation, the first merit list was released. With a stroke of luck and grace, my name appeared on the first list, signifying the culmination of my journey to the Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB).


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