Life At SIIB

Life At SIIB

Experience life at Symbiosis Institute of International Business, one of the greatest B-schools in the country.

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With goals in mind and an eagerness to learn, the first step toward SIIB was a means to achieve success. Before enrolling, I was aware that SIIB is one of the greatest B-schools in the country, making it one of the most popular MBA institutions in Pune. It strives to provide a sound academic basis, general development, and the rigor required by the corporate world. After joining the institution, one goes through various experiences, and each student has a unique story about their life at SIIB.

Besides the academic plethora of information, you should know that life at SIIB will train you to become a good manager and help you grow personally and emotionally. It will impart so many changes in your routine that you will notice a difference between before and after your 2-year MBA. Starting with teaching social responsibility to potential managers, the SIIB Kshitij – ISR committee works towards community development in various disciplines, including sustainability, waste management, education, and the environment. The project positively impacts society, with over 100 students focused and consistently working hard to bring meaningful change. Speaking of the student’s emphasis on social responsibility, life at SIIB will involve a plethora of duties for everyone, allowing them to feel empowered and learn new things. Three core committees handle the principal functions of the college: Corporate Relations Team, Alumni Relations Team, and Public Relations & Media Committee. All these committees aim to train and place students, build a strong alumni network, and promote and showcase the university. Life at SIIB will also inculcate domain-specific abilities for organizing a variety of quizzes, presentations, case study competitions, and guest lectures by experts in their respective professions who guide and develop students on their career paths. SIIB has various clubs dedicated to this growth and enlightenment. The Marketing Club: Markadiction, Finance Club: FinEquity, Supply Chain Management Club: Aarohan, and Human Resources Club: HR-Connect are the four clubs responsible for inculcating specialization-related knowledge and skills. We have Agri-Business Club: Agri summit and Energy & Environment Club: ENECON, both with an emphasis on Agri-Business and Energy and Environment programs.

Aside from academics and skill development, there are various competitions managed and conducted by the sports committee of SIIB, emphasizing the physical and fitness aspects of student’s life. SIIB also offers a wide range of delightful events coordinated by the Annual Cultural Committee, Ignisense, and the Students Activity Committee, Sparsh. These committees play a significant role in delivering a sense of refreshment to the overworked MBA life. A student may arrive with knowledge and skills, still, every SIIB student’s rucksack contains a rich experience that enhances and develops their knowledge and skill set, guiding them from student to corporate professional.