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The Journey that Started from SIIB

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The journey that started from SIIB

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By Ms. Namita Tiwari, SIIB-2000-02 Batch.

In 2002 when I was getting ready to step out of SIIB and enter the corporate sector, I was leaving behind one of the most beautiful campus that I had known and some of the finest mentors that I met during my two year stint in the MBA in International Business program. There was so much that I had learnt from my academic pursuit in terms of acquiring professional expertise of a future manager and developing an attitude that best suits the present corporate scenario. I had finally come to the end of an excellent learning stint at SIIB and it was time to take up real time responsibility. There was a mix of nervousness and excitement for the new role that I was to assume but my time at SIIB had made me confident and I was ready to take up the challenge.

Starting out as a management trainee at Nucleus Soft, I thoroughly enjoyed the initial phase of being introduced to the corporate sector after acquiring an official management degree. The independence of the profile was a little more but the experience seemed like routine. Yes! Thanks to the regular internships and industry training programs that were a part of our curriculum in SIIB, there were very few unwanted surprises during my actual job. Carrying forth what I learnt from my SIIB days, I was working hard and gradually laid the foundations for a strong career. My association with Nucleus Soft lasted for almost one and half year during which I was appreciated several times for my work. Later on, I moved to Infosys as an Assistant marketing manager. The education at SIIB coupled with my experience helped me acquire a better position and build my career in a stronger way.

Backed by the Symbiosis tag and my academic foundations at SIIB, I always had an edge over the others. Gradually, I picked up pearls of wisdom from every professional stint and had the good fortune of working in some of the most reputed firms of the country including HCL and Polaris software. Currently, I am placed with NIIT technologies as the Group manager and am continuing to experience the growth of my learning curve.

Today, when I look back, there are so many reasons to smile on the professional front. My academic foundations laid at SIIB have allowed me to reap several benefits in terms of a rewarding career where I have learnt and continue to learn. In fact, I have also assumed the role of a mentor for several juniors but I continue to value the foundation that had been laid during my MBA in International Business at SIIB.

So, the journey that started from SIIB continues in a beautiful thanks to what had been learnt at SIIB!


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